Recoloring an Overlay in PSE

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Recoloring an Overlay in PSE

Hello. I'm using photoshop elements 14 and I want to recolor my overlay with a color I've selected from my cluster. Anyone have a link to a PDF tutorial or video tutorial? Thanks so much!

Hi Phyllis, I don't use PSE so I can't help you out. I am moving this to the Software Specific forum, where there are probably more people who can help you out!

This is easy once you get onto it .... make sure your colour is the foreground colour .... click on enhand above and then on adjust colour .... then on adjust hue/saturation .... make sure the little colourize box has a check mark in it and your overlay will be the colour of your foreground .... you can play with the saturation and lightness sliders but don't change the hue slider .. it will change your colour smiley .... not hard at all ... have fun

If I have an element that I want to just change part of it I will duplicate the layer and change the colour of the top one and then erase what I don't want and merge the two layers ... your element now has the change it needs

Thank you Susan.