Sad/Bad day kits or elements?

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Sad/Bad day kits or elements?

Hello, does anyone know if Pixel Scrapper has any kits or elements for a bad day or being sad, etc? I thought I saw something but searching doesn't bring anything up. Thanks in advance!!

Not as such, no....though you could use a chunk of the Reflections of Strength kit (which coordinates with the April blog train) and perhaps some of the word art from Marisa's Confidence bundle to make it work.

Realistically, you could do the same with any semi-generic kit where you like the palette--just make some new word art to go with it. Or, if you feel like designing a new kit--that theme would go really well with the September blog train palette, maybe call it "Bohemian Blues"? smiley

Might not be a bad idea to put into the patron design requests forum, too--there are so many kits that focus on all the happy stuff, and hardly anything to work with bad days, sadness, grief, loss...we really could stand to have something more melancholy in the archives!

Hey Melanie! I know there is something in our mutual designer planner about this.... But it's going to take a while - probably January smiley But still...something to look forward too!

YAY!! Thanks!!