Scrap for hire???

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Scrap for hire???

Hi guys!!
So I'm always seeing on kit previews S4H (Scrap For Hire) use. I'm wondering how you go about "Scrapping for Hire"? Is it what I'm thinking, where someone hires you to make scrapbook pages for them? I used to have an Etsy shop making handmade wood signs for 2 years and I sold a lot but I got to be to much on top of everything else I was doing. I'm thinking I would like to start selling something digitally but if I could scrap for others that would be great!! Thanks in advance!!

I agree Melanie- I would love to scrap for hire also! All I know is that when designers usually put S4H on their products it means selling a page in a flattened (JPG) format to someone else without mass producing them. I'm not sure how you go about this though either- sorry I can't be much help!

Hello Krissy and Melanie,

Just as Krissy stated, you use a kit that is S4H and return it printed or flattened. I know of a site where they actually hire scrap for hires. The website is called I think they have a yearly subscription. It is nothing like Etsy. I've found a few S4H jobs there.

If I find more information I'll post it here.

Wishing you both much success!

Thanks Sharon!!

Thank you so much Sharon- I'll go have a peek at that site now!

There has been some discussion on this ages ago in this thread too.

Oh thanks Melo!