Scrap lifting from yourself

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Scrap lifting from yourself

How often do you Scraplift from yourself? Do you have a "go to" layout that you like to use a lot or do you try and make every layout totally different? Thank god for templates or all my layouts would look the same! Haha

I have never tried this, but it seems interesting. I'm going to but it on my layout challenge list!

I don't know if this counts as scraplifting yourself, but I have done some layouts just to match the layout that I knew was going to be next to it in the photobook. I started out with all different layouts and added the "double page" layout months later. Since it was never set up as a reaul double pager, it felt more like scraplifting than making a double layout.

For my holiday photobooks, I always use templates by Anna Aspnes (or try to re-create her style). I realised after a few books, that I am crazy about some pages and less crazy about others. After studying the pages I really love, I noticed that her style of templates (lots of photomasks and paint, not too many elements) work best with 'real' elements like flowers and leaves, sequin scatters and flairs/brads. So now I scraplift those elements into my new layouts!

I don't know if this really counts as scrapping lifting myself, but...
I have saved a layout as layered and used it as a template for another layout almost exactly the same using different papers and elements.
Mine was done out of creativity though, just out of "laziness"??? or maybe for "quickness" sounds better. smiley LoL

I agree Marisa - this would be a great challenge!

I have found that there seem to be elements that I'm using a lot, so rather than scraplift myself too many times, I periodically go through my files and purge.

I haven't done this yet. im still in the training wheel stage, LOL