Scrap Orchard Closing as of Dec. 31!

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Scrap Orchard Closing as of Dec. 31!

Another community bites the dust over there... smiley
So hit their blog, grab the freebies, pick up anything you've wanted from there while you can still get it... they've got sales on till the 31st.

Thanks, Holly... I know I'm going to try to check them out shortly after Christmas.

I'm also going to check out any tutorials I may have bookmarked on their site & print them out... smiley When the site is gone it's not JUST the products that disappear... Learned that hard lesson a couple years back when I discovered that tutorials that I'd bookmarked (in hope of working on them down the road, when time & energy permitted) were gone. Something I never thought about checking when they announced they were closing and, boy, did I have major regrets!

Sometimes will have them, Lizanne, but not always; it depends if the site was crawled recently or not.

I don't have income till the 31st, but there are some CU items I want to pick up before they're no longer available.

I was so sad to see the store announcement. I too bookmark tutorials for future use and those links do not work after the site closes. Thankfully Chelle's Creations YT channel is still active