Scrapbook Designer School???

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Scrapbook Designer School???

Ok Ladies: I know there have been a few times we've all talked about classes you can take if wanting to become a scrapbook kit designer. I was trying to help Stefanee in another thread and I can't for the life of me find these threads. Apparently they may have been started talking about something else and then turned into talking about designing, classes, tutorials, lessons, etc.

So, I thought I should just start a thread with a more specific title that would let the newbies know where to find these wonderful resources you all share with us. If each of you don't mind sharing your tips on learning the trade here in this one thread and if you happen to remember or know where I saw those other threads, please feel free to share the links to those posts here so you don't have to retype it.

Thanks for being such a great and sharing community here! I appreciate each one of you for your generosity in helping others to accomplish their scrapping goals! smiley

Also, if you have any thoughts about what you'd like to see in a "school" let me know. We're thinking about working on something here...

I remember the thread Shawna, but there is not a lot of info in there:

There seem to be a few of our members who joined Hummies World, maybe they can let us know what she teaches?

Why not open up a new "School" thread and posts could be individual classes/lessons/tutorials???

From a trainer perspective, I'd say start simple and work into more complicated tasks. The best tip I can give for someone when I create documentation (albeit, it is for IT/technical), but someone who knows NOTHING should be able to pick up your document and do exactly what it says. EVERY step counts and if there are deviations, or things that might could go wrong, note that as well! Nothing more frustrating than trying to follow something to hit a roadblock that's not addressed!

I might could help getting curriculum drafted...

@Tina: I know what you mean... I worked in tech support & training for years. One of the biggest calls we'd get from newbies, when it came to software upgrade time, was about where the "ANY key" was (the instructions often said to press any key to continue). Usually when I'd get those calls I'd put them on hold briefly, in case I started to get a case of the giggles (as I didn't want to hurt their feelings), and then I'd tell them to press their spacebar or the enter key. If only the people that were writing up the installation instructions had thought to do that... smiley It only serves to illustrate how important it is to make instructions as simple and easy to understand as possible for people at all levels of understanding.

/FACEPALM @ the "any" key. LOL!!

That reminds me of when I attempted to go to college for computer programming. The first week of my first class was spent trying to show some of my fellow students where to find the start button on a Windows XP desktop!