Scrapping Goals for 2013

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Scrapping Goals for 2013

The New Year is almost here and I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish in the coming year. I have a few scrapping goals that I'm hoping to work on and I thought it would be great to share with the community and then we can help each other get there! (See here for personal goals.)

1. Learn Illustrator/practice drawing
2. Practice with drawing tablet.
3. Journaling - I'm terrible at journaling, and it's often on my list of things to improve. So you can expect some challenges and discussion on this.

1. We have a big family reunion this summer and I'm working on a family scrapbook. I got an initial start a few months ago, but it was so overwhelming I put it on the back shelf for a while. It's been ruminating in my head for a while and it's time to bring it out again.
2. I also want to scrap my photos from my recent Egypt trip, as well as a trip a year ago to Israel. Then I'll be more or less caught up with travel photos and can work on a new project (like daily, regular life).
3. Organize my Photoshop Brushes.

The "skills" heading is a good one. I hadn't thought about that, but I'd say I'd like to scrap faster! I am such a perfectionist that I will spend wayyyy too much time on a single page. Maybe I should start setting timers or an incentive goal (like I do for working out) if I finish a page. smiley

My projects goals are pretty much just "get caught up":
1. Finish my 2011 book
2. Catch up/finish 2012 book
3. Organize PS brushes (me too!)
4. Organize the 4 month backlog of blog trains

Skills: Learn more about PSE and try some of the tutorials I've saved. I'm still very much a beginner.

Projects: Organize and tag my digital stash. That will probably take all year!

Spend less time shopping/downloading new stuff and do more ACTUAL SCRAPPING! That would be great!
I also could do more family layouts, but "The Mentalist" fandom-stuff always keeps intruding... but hey: there's an endless hiatus in summer, that's the time I scrap my family smiley!

I am hoping to get Photoshop CS6 sometime soon (yay student pricing!) & I'm dreading the steep learning curve I know there's going to be since what I have now is CS, six generations back. Learning CS6 will likely be my main learning project in 2013.

Learn QC skills for designing my own stuff
Making textured/shabby paper - I've started playing around but I have a long way to go to figure out how to get the look I'm after

Create PL 2012 (I have a few layouts done but a long way to go)
Do PL 2013 in real time, which means picking a consistent theme/presentation and blocking out some time each week to edit those photos and do those layouts. This may mean making my own Project Life-style kit ahead of time, although there are a number of factors I need to think about in terms of how I want to do this.
Make stuff for the Pixel Scrapper February blog train!
Continue unpacking and organizing downloaded supplies, find online backup solution, put supplies onto an external hard drive, continue system for organizing brushes

Wow, looking at that list is a little overwhelming considering my two main life goals for 2013 are graduate school and practicum. In the last year, the last few months especially, scrapbooking has taken over all my hobby time, most of my entertainment time, and even some of my social time. But I'm really hoping if I can find a streamlined way to do PL2013 I can make this process less time-consuming than it was this past year.

Become more proficient w/PSP; and learn more about designing in PSP & becoming a better scrapper.

Hummmm.......Where to start? I'm moving in 12 days, so at my new home I am looking forward to setting up a new creative room. Then......

1. Organize all files, and then work/create in an organized way, in order to maintain the organization........
2. Continue to learn, practice, design and enjoy what I do.
3. Utilize WACOM Tablet more for more whimsical, free-form designs
4. Design a more interesting Blog - give away free designs on the blog each week
5. Open heart, open mind, open future

Great goals everyone! Thanks for sharing!

@Sunny: I also want to use my tablet better, I'm going to add it to my list.

- try designing my own kit(s) and joining a pixelscrapper blogtrain
- make more and better artsy/brushy (artjournal-like) layouts
- try to figure out how to make torn pieces myself

- finding a better balance between scrapping and family/me-time
- downloading less (it's a disease! we need to start a group therapy on excessive downloading behavior smiley )
- start a blog and maintaining it for at least one year
- finish and print my first album

I have a few 2013 scrapping resolutions I want to add to my previous list.

*Contact designers whose stuff I used for my Gratitude project pages, linking them to my ScrapStacks gallery and letting them know I used their designs
*DELETE DELETE DELETE: When I take pics off my phone I want to IMMEDIATELY delete all the extra pics, the ones of a particular shot that are not deemed good enough to use. I just read an inspiring post about doing this by someone who has the same "but what if I need them someday" attitude as me.
*Participate in Capturing Your 365 online community
*Work actively to get more skilled at taking photos. Perhaps I'll pop over to the Photography forum here and see if anyone has resources for iPhoneography (my iPhone is the nicest camera I can afford right now)

- Learning more about styles and actions smiley
- Make more of my own CU stuff
- Use my wacom more and get over the "i'm not good enought" burial
- Designing more kits myself

- Scrap much more than i do now
- Take lots of picture of future memories
- Organizing my stuff a bit better
- Trying to keep my blog more alive with freebies and stuff smiley

*DELETE DELETE DELETE: When I take pics off my phone I want to IMMEDIATELY delete all the extra pics, the ones of a particular shot that are not deemed good enough to use. I just read an inspiring post about doing this by someone who has the same "but what if I need them someday" attitude as me.

@Violet: If you could remember where & still find this article and share it in the photography forum. I know it would be an inspiration and possible encouragement to many of us. I think most of us probably keep the un-needed extra blurrys, etc thinking similar thoughts as you. I'd love to read the article. smiley

i will join that group, i haven't been doing this long enough to have the amount of stuff i do LOL

hi, my name is Mandy and i am a digital scrapbooking hoarder LOL

Hello Mandy, Welcome! Did you post on Introduce Yourself already?

Anyway, I finally came up with some scrapping goals
1)End the year with everything tagged and organized on Picasa, and backuped too!
2)Get involved in more international digital scrapbooking communities;
3)Give another try on designing;
4)Try to do bi-weekly double pages showing what´s happening;
5)Get deeper knowledge in Photoshop, Corel Draw and other designing programs I need.

Bwahaha... Mandy, i should be right there with ya, but it's still too much fun to download the stuff 'just in case'. =P

i've started Project 52 for 2013, and keeping current will be my main goal for the year. Also, i should really work on my scrapping speed, though i'm a naturally slow person at everything and this will be a real challenge for me. Learning to take better photos (hopefully with a DSLR!) would be a nice bonus project too.

@Shawna (& Violet), I second that! I would love to read that article if you can find it. Just today I was doing a little file organizing, and I thought of your post, Violet, and deleted a few unnecessary pictures. smiley

Similarly, I'm starting to go through my stash and delete some freebies I don't particularly like. When I first started, I grabbed any & everything I could, of course. Now I have an amazing stash of freebies & purchased items, and I know I'll never use some of those other ones that I never really liked in the first place. I just grabbed them "just in case," but I could definitely clear the disk space for something else I actually like.

@Lady Phillipa - YES! on deleting freebies I won't ever use. I was a hoarder at first, too, supplies seemed so scarce and like it was hard to find high quality ones, and at first I didn't even know what high quality looked like! I have been using the "gut" test for at least this first round of purging. If I am going through a new download (a kit or something) or through a previously filed folder of supplies, and my gut does this sort of recoil, "Ick!" thing for a particular item, then I toss it. I'll STILL find myself saying, "Oh, I can think of some time when I might need that..." but I have vowed to listen to the gut! It's so much easier now that I have a sense of abundance and have some supplies that I truly love.

I'll try to find that post if I can think of any way to track it down... too bad I do most of my digiscrap blog reading at 2am, not conducive to recall smiley

Edited to add: @Shawna & LP - here it is! Wow! Chrome has the best, most searchable history ever. I'm impressed.

smiley Google Chrome

@Violet: that sounds exactly like me! I downloaded freebies because I was learning PSP & how to scrap, and I didn't want invest much in a hobby I wasn't sure about. Wanted to make sure I liked digiscrapping first, kwim? smiley I still have so much to unzip & organize, and I have a feeling I may be purging stuff, too, for the same reasons you stated... As it is, I've been trying to force myself to only download stuff I really like & think I'll use because I feel like I download/unzip too much - I'd much rather spend my time with my family, and getting to know PSP better & digiscrapping.

@Lizanne - this is off topic, but did you see my post about Adobe giving away Photoshop CS2? You were one of the people I was thinking of specifically because I know you've said it's harder finding tutorials and stuff for PSP. Photoshop is so great, and having an upgrade even just to CS2 has been amazing for me because now I can run all the incredible scripts and actions people give away, which wouldn't run on my earlier version of PS CS. The Adobe links are still working, check out that post and see what you think!

wow Violet: I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing it... I will read it tomorrow.

@Lizanne: It is a great deal to check out PSCS2 for free. I only have 3 and I'm trying to upgrade to CS5 and it's not that cheap... LoL Great way for you to see if you like all the hype we give it. smiley

@Violet: I must have missed that... Sounds great, although I still think I would have passed that up - for now, that is. I just think it would be too confusing to try to learn that while I'm still trying to get proficient w/PSP. Once I get good with that then maybe I'll consider doing something like that - only hope they have an offer like that when I get to that point as it could be a while (don't have a lot of free time to myself between various dr & p/t visits, and the kids' extracurricular activities). Luckily I'm in no rush...

My goal is to start and finish a wedding book of my best friends wedding.

My main goals are to finish organizing my pictures and digi scrap files. After that to catch up on my daughter's album(s).

Oh! I have no goals, except to keep learning about scrapbooking and hopefully make a few more than I do now. Oh! yes and cut down on my freebie downloading.

I read somewhere today, that if you look at a freebie and would BUY it, then you love it enough to get it, if not forget it.

@Faith This really works. I had collected so many freebies and when you try to put many with something the colors just do not go together. So now I pretty much will download something if I think I might get the kit that it is from. I hope to get busy with albums and unfortunately a lot of minis (to me) just don't flow very well so I want kits that I could make a 20 pg (min) album from.

Well, I finished one goal!

My projects goals are pretty much just "get caught up":
DONE>>>1. Finish my 2011 book
2. Catch up/finish 2012 book
3. Organize PS brushes (me too!)
4. Organize the 4 month backlog of blog trains

I am hesitant to print my 2011 book, though. Anyone else do that before printing -- delay it for awhile? I fear I will suddenly remember one more page to do after I order!

And I've made headway on #4, though I still have a lot to do, and more blogtrains every month! lol

Congrats Lady Phillippa! I can't wait to accomplish something myself!

I need to collect all my photos, yes the last 3 years are scattered around on two computers and 4 external drives. Make sure no duplicates, then burn some disks for extended family... They are my backup and fire insurance. (Hubby's sister just lost everything in a fire this last fall...and she had a scrapping room filled with stuff! Sad part is she so far away and WE are the ones who have to travel there, so it's usually a couple of years between visits, and I don't have many photos of her and her daughter to help her rescue the most important items in a scrapper's stash---the photos of family!)

My other goal is to learn what Script Fu is in GIMP and start using it!

To get creative with photography and to scrap at least 20 digital layouts. That's a lot for me smiley)

How is everyone doing with their goals thus far? smiley Thought I'd check in to keep y'all accountable!

I have to say, I just finished & ordered my 2011 & 2012 books. I can't believe I'm all caught up!! Now I guess I don't have any excuse to put off that involved scanning project I've been avoiding.