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Searching for Pages Title

Hello where do you get your ideas for page titles and quotes?

Does one of you get a handy site?

It depends. I usually use something pretty generic like "Graduation" or "Swearing In" -- very generic describing an event. Sometimes I use something that was said from the day/activity the pictures are of. I have on occasion gone to a site for ideas: Go to their "Resources" tab and then "Titles" to get some good ideas if you're stuck in a creative block!

Here are a few places I go... but you can always do a search in google or bing for something like subject and the word quote or sayings or title , Ie: dancing quotes, dance sayings, dance poem... and on and on till you find something you really like that works for your layout. smiley

* Pinterest: example of a board full of them.
* The Perfect Title has tons for every subject imaginable.
* There are a lot here at FreeDigitalScrapbooking too.
* Debbie Hodge wrote a great article here about creating them here back in July 2010!
* Scrap Sayings has titles & sayings, they even have some song lyrics too.
* Everything About Scrapbooking has a great article from journaling to interviewing to titles, etc. They also have links to the following: Poems and more poems here, Scrapbook Sayings, Scrapbook Titles and more page titles here, Scrapbook Toppers.

That should give you a great starting point. But like I said remember you can always do a search for the specific subject you're working on to find the perfect title, quote, saying, song, etc.
--Good Luck! smiley

Great list Shawna!

Thank you both so much, now I have no writers block anymore! smiley

Thanks Shawna. That's a great list, almost overwhelming amount of inspiration.

Thanks Harriett! I tend to be a bit of an overachiever sometimes as my hubby says. smiley LoL

Thanks Shawna. That's a great list, almost overwhelming amount of inspiration.

Thanks for your thorough list, Shawna
I often use a book I picked up: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word by Linda LaTourelle . It was ideas for titles, quotes, poems. It is arranged in really good sections-seasons, holidays, mom, dad, baby, school, love, etc.