Self-Taught and Always Learning

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Self-Taught and Always Learning

Five years ago I hired a part time 17 year-old to assist me. Over the years she went to college and got married. Eventually I moved to another state so now she is my virtual assistant.

I taught her how do do my social media marketing she packages my kits and does all my uploading.

Since I am totally self taught I am always eager to learn. More than once my assistant has showed me something I never knew. I just want to tell others even if you are new share your discoveries and tips because you never know what you don't know or what we don't know. smiley

That is some very thoughtful advice Robin. smiley Have you visited the tutorials section? I think you'll be in for treat!

Oh yes! Love it.

It's always great when you share what you learned. Also, to learn from other's experiences. That's amazing that you watched her grow like that.