Shades of Gray... Texture Overlays

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Shades of Gray... Texture Overlays

Is there a standard gray shade that is best for making your own texture overlays? I have some textures I want to save for later use, but I'm not sure what shade I should save them for best use later on.

Thanks. smiley

If I have a coloured image that I want to use as a texture, I duplicate the image and just convert it to greyscale and use that. When I'm working with it is when I change the saturation to get the "level of grey" I want. Sometimes a darker texture works, sometimes a whiter texture works.

yes, what Cat said. smiley depending on the shade of the paper you are making, sometimes you need a darker gray and sometimes who need a very light gray. So I guess the best place to save is the middle? haha

I am not sure if there is a standard color for making texture from scratch but if you making texture from a photo just follow this path adjust>desaturate. When I made a photo greyscale, then to make it colorized becomes hard, somehow not the color that I want but desaturation is working perfect.

Thanks everyone. A lot of trial and error. smiley

Thanks everyone. A lot of trial and error.

Yeah, that's thing about designing - no hard and fast rules to follow. But that is what makes it challenging and provides us with all the variety. Its a lot of fun too not knowing how things will turn out until its done. smiley

so... I know I'm not adding any useful information to the answer here but I thought you ladies might get a kick out of this story -- since first thing I saw was this post titles "shades of gray" when I logged in tonight:

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@Shawna, LMAO

Once I heard somewhere that the shade of gray that is most probable to go well with more colors is the one you find when you go to adjustments>levels and place the middle arrow on the middle of the highest "mountain". Ok, it´s confuse - time for a snapshot:

I hope it helps!

Great explanation, thanks Lorien!

oh, good tip Lorien, I'll have to try that out next time. smiley

Very helpful Lorien. Thank you!