SHARE: Your Art Journaling projects here, please...

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SHARE: Your Art Journaling projects here, please...

Join in sharing your Art Journaling projects with us who LOVE this art form, right here in this thread please... smiley

And continue to share your techniques finds in this thread here. smiley

There is also this ISO thread that is great for art journaling findings, templates, supplies, brushes, etc.

Note: To anyone NOT totally familiar with our gallery rules, We will have to share these from our blogs or other galleries, like photo albums, flicker, etc via this tutorial here for the time being until we decide if it is advantageous to create a gallery for other types of art.
Right now we're trying to keep it pretty simple and pertaining to layout inspiration and PS challenges since that was the vote we had a few months back as a community. smiley

Edited To Add: If you have your journal art pages uploaded to the site here at PS (per Melouise's thoughts in the post below) then you could share it here via this tutorial here

So share away... smiley

Shawna, I think artjourmaling pages qualify as a layout, as do photoless scrapbooking layouts. There have already been lots of artjournal type layouts uploaded to the gallery and there is even a challenge going on right now with an artjournal prompt. So there is no need to upload to an external photo site. You can link us up to your art. projectsubsidie in the gallery. Just make sure they are digital creations!

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. Who knows, maybe i'll even join in some day...

Thanks Melouise! I misunderstood the layouts only idea... LoL I can see now by the "digital" only format being the intention, just not to share scanned or photographed "in real life" type art journal pages. Thanks for helping me to clarify this for myself. LoL

I edited to add a link above on how to share your PS uploaded layouts in a post to the forums... And just in case, I did leave the part about how to share from external sources for people who haven't uploaded to PS yet (since it takes a few community points earned to qualify to upload layouts) and they want to share before they earn upload privileges to the gallery.
HTH ladies! Sorry for my confusion. smiley

Also, another note, if you upload your art journal layout to the gallery here, be sure to tag it with "art journal" so that we can find them! Here's the link to all the art journal pages.