Should I include alpha sets in the Good Life bundles?

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Should I include alpha sets in the Good Life bundles?

Just checking to see if alphas would be useful to you as a part of the monthly Good Life collections.

Yes, I use digital alphas.
54% (40 votes)
No, I don't usually use alphas.
43% (32 votes)
Yes, I use printable alphas.
12% (9 votes)
Total votes: 74

i m voting smiley

Voted. smiley

Voted. Thanks for asking what we do and do not use. I know it helps you make decisions, but it sure makes me feel good to know you care about what we want!


Voted! I make the Memory Books for our family reunions, I use numbers and alphas both!

Voted. I don't use alphas a lot. I usually use my vast fonts and apply a style to get the look I want.

I use both .. alphas und fonts.

Thanks for weighing in everyone!

I voted!

I use them from time to time-- they make dynamic titles. They also make fabulous unique cutting files! (In fact, let me say that promoting alphas as unique cut files would be a good marketing strategy.) I wanted to point out also that the best alphas for me are those that use at least one (or more) unique styles on them (textures, outlines and other treatments), or use various clipping masks that take time to do individually or that would be uniquely created by you. Something I can easily recolor or add a drop shadow to, for example, I would not download as it takes up precious hard drive space. Thank you; you have made some very nice alphas over the years.