Since most of us are stuck inside right now...

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Since most of us are stuck inside right now...

Is there any chance we could go ahead and decide the themes and palettes for at least the rest of the summer months?

I'm finding myself designing a lot more just because I'm not able to go much of anywhere since everything is closed/cancelled due to the virus. I'm almost finished with May and June's blog trains lol.

I know this is a bit weird to some people but I like to jump around between all the months available at any given time. It helps me not feel burned out and not ever want to see a particular palette or theme again lol.

I know people in the northern hemisphere are going to have a hard time thinking about fall right now in the middle of spring which is why I suggested just deciding the summer months of July, August and maybe September since a lot of places are still experiencing summer-like weather in September.

Just a thought I had bouncing around in my head. smiley

I'll put up the ideas thread right now!

GREAT Idea!!!

Thank you!!!!! smiley smiley