Soccer/Football Kit Theme Help

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Soccer/Football Kit Theme Help

I'm thinking of making a quick mini kit about soccer for my brother-in-law-to-be. However, I don't know much about soccer, such as what words to include, besides the obvious "Goal!" So if you can help me out that would be great.

Oi Marisa, tema incrível e difícil encontrar, adorei!Pensei nos temas....I love football, ball world,Football and art ou então poderia ser...the art of football....amei o tema! smiley

Here's some (American) Soccer words:

Defense! ... Foul ... Penalty ... Offsides ... Hands ... Head ... Trap ... Chest block ... Winger ... Offense ... "Get that ball!" ... Out of Bounds ... Penalty Kick ... Sudden Death ... Sudden Death Kick ... Half-time ... End of Quarter ... Block ... "Make a Wall" ... "Cut 'Em Off" ... Cut Down the Angle ... Pass the ball ... I'm Open ... Time Out ... Face Off ... Throw it In ... Sideline Kick ... Yellow Card ... Red Card ... "Stick It!" ... Dribble

If you meant what American's call football, I can't help much with that...

If you're going to make a soccer kit you should include umbrellas and hot chocolate! Here in the Pacific Northwest you can't have a soccer game without parents huddled on the sidelines wrapped in blankets, huddling under umbrellas, and sipping a hot drink. It's kinda miserable. I'm glad my son stopped playing soccer!

Thanks! That's all really helpful.

Maybe when you're picking colors for your kit you could tie them to his favorite team colors. A soccer kit would probably be a huge hit with so many kids playing soccer and moms needing something to do with all those shots smiley

There are not many sports related kits out there.....(ones that I have LOVED anyway). Can't wait to see how this kit turns out, know it will be awesome!

I realize it's tricky with teams being different colors. My brother-in-law's team is red. And I guess soccer balls are black & white. What kind of color scheme would you like to see for a soccer kit?

well, my town has 5 soccer teams, and, in a kit with black-white-green-red, you could have things for them all, as one is red white and black, two are black and white, one is green and white and one is green red and white smiley

LOL! if you keep getting input you'll be making a full size kit before you know it! smiley

My hubby is from England and is a football (soccer) fanatic. His team is Newcastle the colors are black and white.

Newcastle Strip