textured 12x12 papers

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textured 12x12 papers

When you create 12x12 papers using overlays or textures do you tend to go by what looks better at 100% (in case you decide to print it later) or as it looks on your screen at 16.7%?

I find that when using textures on my papers they look just as I want them to on my screen at 16.7% but when they are blown up to 100% they are not what I was hoping for.

Any tips would be much appreciated

According to QC standards, they need to look good when zoomed at 100% , the texture can´t be blurry at 100% and needs to show in all colors (in case of patterned papers) equally...

I feel your pain, though. Yesterday I found the texture that, in the preview, seemed the perfect texture to one of the elements I´m making to the next blogtrain. When I zoomed in to 100%, however, it was really blurry. So, either I´ll need to modify the texture, or, what is most probable, I´ll just delete it...

If you are creating with 300ppi there should be no problem .... many textures on line are all at 72ppi .... try increasing the texture to 150 and then to 300 to see if you can get away with using them at the 300 ppi .... I've also found if the document you are using is larger in size than what you need you can very often increase the ppi and then reduce the size of the document to get a better looking texture. I like everything I do to look good at 100% at 300 ppi ... if a pattern or texture has too many bits it won't look good when seeing it at a lower percentage ... it may look too busy. It's experimenting as you go along. I think I've thrown out as many textures as I've kept because when seen in photoshop they aren't as usable as I thought they may be when seeing them on line.

Thanks very much for the help. I have mainly been using the overlays and textures downloaded from this site so I am guessing all of the relevant QC standard checks have been made before they are put on here. I was just not sure what was acceptable blur at 100%.

Really, there shouldn't be any blurriness at 100% from "professional" overlay/texture. Some filters will cause your image to blur somewhat and you may need to overlay another layer with the same texture to alleviate the blurriness. If you are designing for yourself, you have to gauge what is acceptable for your projects, however, if you intend to sell the items they shouldn't have any blurriness at all to meet industry quality standards.