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Day 44 - My Wedding Day

Day 38 for me. This is a part 1 of a 2 page spread, but I'll have to wait to finish it until tomorrow. The headaches are improving, but I still need a break! This is from the outing we took for my older son's second birthday. I'm glad I finished it before his 4th next month! smiley

Day 45 - Goodbye Auckland - I am posting this one day early because my son has an appointment tomorrow and I dont know how long it will take. So if I post tomorrows page today, I won't get behind. smiley There, all done!!

You're so on top of this, Robynne! smiley

I had a little extra time yesterday, so I went ahead and did the second half of the layout I posted.

And then here's day 39, wrapping up June 2017.

I flipped through the physical albums I already have lately and labeled where the pages that need to be printed need to go. The good news is, aside from printing the remaining digital pages (and actually assembling the last paper pages that I had photos printed for smiley ), the album that runs through May 2017 is now done! I'm trying to be smart as I continue working into the rest of 2017-2018, since I do have several random pages already printed, and continue marking where the new pages need to go so I don't end up with any holes and can plan the 2-page spreads wisely.

Day 46 - Hello Toronto!!

The Hockey Hall of Fame logo made me smile. My husband is very into hockey, and I have absolutely no doubt he's going to want to revisit Toronto when our kids are a little older, in order to take them there. (I've never been to Toronto myself, though I have visited Montreal.)

Here's day 40 for me, another 2 page spread to get last week's photos done.

My husband is also a fan of hockey and he will watch the occassional game on TV - especially if a Canadian team is playing. he also watches the Stanley cup playoffs for as long as a Canadian team is still in the playoffs. smiley

Since I have not really grown up with Hockey, it's not my favourite sport. I actually prefer the MLB - Baseball.

If I did have to choose a favourite hockey team, I choose the Pittsburgh Penguins - because the Captain Sidney Crosby is a Canadian and because they won the Stanley cup 3 times in 10 years and 2 of those wins were in consecutive years with Sidney as the Captain.

I like your earthy colours - and the same template turned sidweways.
Those colours do go well with dinosaurs smiley

That's so funny- the Penguins are my husband's favorite team! Even though we live in the Philadelphia sports market, so he gets a lot of flak for it around here. smiley He named our dog Crosby, too, after their captain. (We also had a dog named Malkin, after another of their players, but he died last year.) He's also a big fan of the Colorado Avalanche, but he can't follow them quite as closely because the games start pretty late for East Coast time.

I didn't really grow up with sports at all, since my dad was mostly into golf (which is super boring to watch on tv) and only occasionally watched football when the Super Bowl was on or something. We'd occasionally go to baseball games when I was a kid and my dad could get free tickets through work, but I wasn't into that either. I was more the musical bookworm kid who didn't really enjoy playing sports at all. So I just go along with the hockey thing. smiley

Anyway, here's today's page. I just did a simple, quick divider page for the 2017 album, since I'm going to be out most of the day for family stuff and a rehearsal.

Day 47 - Sept 11, 2001. I am sure we all know where we were and what we were doing on the morning of Sept 11, 2001. Well this page records what I was doing on that day.

Day 48 - Now we are Parents - Need I say more?

Day 42. Pictures from Independence Day 2017.

Day 43. This was a photoshoot from when my younger son turned 3 months old, and I'd already started doing other monthly photoshoot pages with him using this super basic pocket page style, so I stuck with that for the layout for consistency. The most time consuming part of making this one was scrolling back through about 2 years' worth of texts with my husband, to see if I could find the stats from his 3 month doctor appointment about his height and weight. (I couldn't. I'll definitely have to stay more on top of this with the new baby!)

Day 49 for me - The one and only Baby Photoshoot. We got this via a free coupon in the goodie bag from the maternity ward at the hospital. We were forced to use this coupon, before John was totally sitting up on his own, because my parents were coming to visit and we wanted them to have some nice pictures of their grandson. The journaling about the expiry date of the coupon, may or may not have been correct. My memory is a little fuzzy on those details.

Day 50 - Yaaay I made it to the halfway point!!! Am so pleased about this!! Anyway the next few pages will be taken up with my parents visit to Canada. I took so many photos smiley

Day 51 - 2002 - Part 2 of my parents visit to Canada. I have done this page one day early so that I can work on the May Magic Layout challenge. I am having trouble trying to get that one right... Part 3 of my Parents visit will be up soon.

I got two pages done today! Just another keeping up with 2019 spread.

Day 43, with a stack of random photos from July 2017.