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Day 60 - This covers the year 2007 - a very bad year for my family. I have very few photos of the family as I was in no condition to be taking any photos. I also made 2 pages because this is a long story and there were 2 seperate but major events that impacted the family.

Day 61 - Back to school - this LO covers the 2 years following my surgery.

My day 53, from August 2017 and a trip to our local Natural History Museum. I did a 2 page spread for this one, with the right side being more or less the original template and the left side being a reversed and heavily altered version.

There is that nice dinosaur layout again. I really like that one!! smiley

Day 62 - 2010 - Repeating the layout I did for 1969 - just different colours and photos...

Day 63 - Gun for Xmas - Hubby and I were NOT at all impressed when my husbands brothers family gave my son a BB GUN set for Xmas!!! Fortunately we had offset this earlier in the day, by giving him a new Nintendo DS console.

@Robynne: Oh, you would not have been happy with the multiple military-themed action figures that my in-laws gave my boys last Christmas, then!! (They mostly like pretending that they're superheroes.)

Doing a bit of catchup today, as I managed to knock out 3 layouts yesterday and one today. This takes me up through day 55, and very nearly done with another month of 2017. I'm debating going back and editing something to add one extra miscellaneous photo to represent a concert I went to that month, or to just make a third miscellaneous photos page.

Day 64 - 2011 - Reprieve - The last "normal" year for the family.

Day 65 - A Chronic Diagnosis for a 10 year old Boy

Well, I did a layout today... I just haven't figured out how to upload it yet, because I can't get the file small enough for some reason! I did post a query in the appropriate forum, so hopefully I can get an answer and share soon. But that does bring me up to day 56. I missed yesterday again, since life kept me out of the house nearly all day. It'll be easier after this week when I'm done with orchestra stuff for the season.

Can you not just open the file in MS Paint, and then RESIZE it down to 1000 x 1000 pixels? That is what I do!!!

Yeah, I hadn't actually thought about that... thanks for the hint! I still don't know why it happened this way, since I've never had a problem with the file size being so huge before!

Anyway, here's the layout.

Day 66 - The Rest of 2012 - AD - After Diagnosis

Glad to see you made it, Becky.

Day 67 - 2013 to 2015 - Hockey!!!

Days 57-58 for me. (Missed another day yesterday, due to anniversary celebrations and orchestra stuff!) All of these photos were from last week.

Those are some great pics, Becky!!

OK I am putting both today (day 68) and tomorrows (day 69) Layouts up today - since I will be changing direction with the project, and have to find new photos and new ideas. This will give me a bit of time.

DAY 68 - Graduation

DAY 69 - Halloween

Thanks, Robynne! Though I have to give my husband credit for most of the beach pictures. smiley

I'll be curious to see what your new direction is!

As for me, in the catchup portion of my project, I'm moving into September 2017. These are from our rather spontaneous first attempt at both a road trip and a national park with kids.

Day 70 Edoras from LOTR

Since NZ is famous for being the location of Middle Earth, I have decided to show off Middle Earth. So the next few Layouts will feature locations in NZ that were used in the LOTR and the Hobbit movies.

Robynne-- now you're speaking my language! I'll admit I'm a huge LotR nerd, both for the books and the movies, as evidenced by the fact that our little girl's middle name is going to be Eowyn. (Rohan is my favorite!) smiley If I ever make it to NZ, I'm SO touring as much of Middle Earth as I can.

I did two layouts today. I actually went through my recent layouts that I haven't printed to figure out if I needed to add anything for album layout purposes, and realized that as long as I keep up with 2019 like I've been doing, I have only 9 months left otherwise to complete for our family albums. And several of those are already partially done from before. So since I'm getting to the point of my pregnancy where I'll be too uncomfortable physically to handle other hobbies for much longer (I'm looking at you, sewing machine!), I'm going to try for multiple pages in a day whenever the kids allow. So hopefully, even if I can't finish it all in the next 40 days that I have left, I can get all of the pages made before the baby is here!

Hi Becky. I love the heart shaped template you made. The Star Wars LO is cute too smiley

And Thanks for the endorsement to show off NZ through the LOTR locations!!
It really helps me to know that at least one person will be looking at them, at least!! smiley

Sounds like you have a great plan!!!!

Day 71 - Mt Doom - the final destination and purpose for the LOTR series.

Very neat, Robynne! I'm loving seeing all of the real spots and how they compare to the film.

I got caught up on last week for today, with the usual weekly spread plus an extra page for our recent anniversary.

Congratulations on your 6 years of marriage!! smiley may you and Doug have many more half decades of bliss!! smiley

(PS My husband and I will be celebrating 19 years of marriage in October this year.)

Thanks, Robynne!

I got through 2 layouts today, both from September 2017.

Day 72 - Oh Dear. I was so tired I forgot to add my Hobbiton LO.

Day 73 - The Dimholt road, on the way to Mordor....

Its been 2 days since either Becky or I posted anything. but I am finally catching up.

Day 74 - Rivendell

Day 75 - The Black Rider

I love your Lord of the Rings series Robynne, they're wonderful!
That beautiful arch for Rivendell in particular looks fantastic. What a great idea for a scrapbook.

Thank you Sabrina smiley