The Best Free Software to Use for Scrapbooking

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The Best Free Software to Use for Scrapbooking

I know we've had several threads discussing what software people are using, but for this one I'd really like advice on what you think are the best FREE programs to use for scrapbooking. Please post below if you regularly use a free program and let us know what you like about it.

I use GIMP, which is open source (so completely free). It's got a bit of a learning curve to get started, but from I understand, it's the closest you can get to photoshop without buying software. As an opensource project, there is continual development, so it's been around for a long time (that is, stable) AND there are still new developments taking place. It can import PSD files (though with some limitations, especially around text layers). There are enough scrappers using GIMP at Pixelscrapper that we can share advice - always a benefit. It works with layers, layer masks, blending modes, etc etc. I've been scrapping with it for 10+ years and would definitely recommend it smiley

The link for GIMP is - just make sure you download the stable version, not the source code (unless you're a developer and want to help make it even better smiley ). It's available for Windows, Osx, and Linux - I use the Windows version.

(If you do decide to try GIMP, send me a PM - I'd love to share some tips I learned while getting started)

I think that sites like Shutterfly off some basic versions of scrapbooking, though limited. But, I use them occasionally when I have an event with lots of photos that just need to be put into an album with some journaling.

I use Paint dot net (PDN) -

It uses PNG and JPGs mostly.

It is a little restrictive in that there are some actions that PSE can do that I cannot do with PDN.
Blurring edges and using masks are 2 examples.

But I do like it. And it IS TOTALLY FREE!!

I do have PSE 2020 but I have not yet begun to learn how to use it. That is one of my 2020 resolutions.