The Daily Digi Subscription?

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The Daily Digi Subscription?

I'm curious, does anyone subscribe to the Daily Digi to get their monthly downloads? If so, are you happy with the products and do you feel like it's a good value? I'm considering it but I'd like some insight from the group before I make the commitment. Thanks so much!

I have subscribed off and on. Now is one of the "on" times. smiley I think it is a pretty good deal if you scrap a lot.

That being said, there are a lot of things that I end up not downloading because they aren't my style, but I'm kind of weird/quirky/picky about kits. And I'm on a bunch of creative teams, so my "extra" scrap time is limited. But you can't beat it when you get things from designers you love. smiley I do Project Life, and one of the kits a few months ago was the Becky Higgins Rain set (by Nisa Fiin), so that was *well* worth it.

It also introduces you to a lot of designers that you might not find out about otherwise.

So I'd say it is a pretty good deal.

This seems like a nice idea. It looks like they had some pretty cool stuff for July, stuff I'm actually oohing and aahing at. If you haven't seen it, they have an archive of their past offerings on the left hand side of the page, that might help give you more of an idea if you'd think it was worth it.

I think I'm now considering it, too. smiley Anyone else have any thoughts?

I think it's only a good deal if you will use what they offer. I agree with the others about checking past offerings to see if they're something you would use.

@Kimberlee Do you know if they do previews of what you'll get, or is it all a surprise?

I wish they had a way you could buy the kits separately later if you missed the monthly sets. There are some lovely past ones I wouldn't mind having. smiley

Shawna, I believe most of the contributors make their products available for sale (in whatever store they're affiliated with) after the month is up. If you see something you like, visit that designer's shop. Chances are, you'll find it.

I've subscribed to the Digi Game for over a year. I think there's only been two months where my reaction to the kits was "Eh." I find it exposes me to new designers and stretches me creatively. I'll try products I might not have bought on my own, and many times, I come to like them.


@Angie: Thanks for the tip! I had no idea... I'll have to look at the archives photos again and look up a few designers. smiley

Thanks for all the info ladies! It does look like a good program, but I think my interest mostly comes from the chance of missing out on a "good deal" or "exclusive offer". But like Rachel said, it's only a good deal if I use it. I think I will take some time to go back through and look at past offerings before I make a decision.

For my first month, I waited until the end of the month (when they reveal everything) to subscribe for the month. Then I let it ride to see what the next month held. I was happy enough that I decided to do a year.

My Pros were:

*Exposure to other designers. I'm new to digital scrapping and I didn't realize how many designers there are.
*Pushing myself. This is an individual thing. To feel like I'm definitely getting value, I push myself to use each kit at least once. Even the pretty pastel ones. There may be a kit that I think "meh" to at first, but I've enjoyed challenging myself to use each kit.
*The Price. It's pretty cheap even if I don't like some of the kits each month. This allows me to stretch my small budget farther.
*I love the Digi Show podcast, and like to know I'm supporting it.

Steph makes it a goal to always have a template artist, and lately there's been something different too. Last month it was a Quickity Split workshop from Tangie Baxter. This month it's a class. Since I'm doing as Marisa suggests and focusing on learning how to do things it's quicker for me to start with a template. I've loved the variety from Scrappin' with Liz to Southern Serenity.

The biggest con to me was what if I didn't like a month? And I decided that it would probably even out in the end. So far, I've liked more kits than I've had a meh reaction, so I'm ahead.

A surprise to me is I shop less elsewhere. I tell myself I've already got some new supplies to play with, and that has helped me with the shopping urge.

Good point with controlling the shopping urge! (something I was not able to do this weekend... smiley )

@Catherine... it is always a surprise. No previews. But when you subscribe, you get everything at once on the first of the month. You don't have to wait for the reveals.

I fell in love with the August offering so bought the files for that month. I already have so many kits and have been scrapping very little (just can't seem to get the "muse" going) so I probably won't continue unless the next offering is another temptation I can't resist.

I have been a subscriber for a couple of years. As other have mentioned, there are sometimes kits that aren't appealing to me. But I've been exposed to designers whom I would *never* have known about if they hadn't been featured in The Digi Files. I think a designer has an opportunity to attract new customers -- I know I've shopped in a couple of stores because of finding a designer whose style I really liked. It's definitely a bargain, even if there's a kit I won't be using.

I subscribe off and on. It is a really good deal, and I have loved many of the kits and liked them all. They have made it easy to suspend your membership with one click and restart the same way. After a few months I get overwhelmed with so many new kits at once that I take a breather. Then I miss it and go back for awhile.

Tiffany did you ever decide to get the subscription?? I'm thinking of grabbing October's before its gone b/c it has 3 of my fav. designers in it. smiley

I know!! Me too smiley We really do have the same scrappin' tastes! I didn't subscribe yet, I think I'm going to stick for a while with buying just the months I love. I've got to get this months for sure!

I know, I love so much of the stuff you get from P&Co, and I love Shalin Studio's stuff too!