The Good Life: New Year, New Ideas

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The Good Life: New Year, New Ideas

I'm just getting ready to start my designing for 2020 and was wondering what your favorite parts of the Good Life Bundles are. What would you like to see more of? What has been missing that you'd like me to include.

I love all of the word-art!

I am always up for some fire-fighter related items smiley Or nurse-related items.

Oh heavens YES! Adult Firefighter! My 19 Year old grandson just landed his second full time position (he upgraded from a very slow station to a very active one. His 17 year old brother will look for work after he graduates. All the stuff I find is very child oriented and often lacking in good clusters and such.

October is Fire Prevention Month. Firehouse, a home away from home (my grandson works 24 hours shifts so it is a home from that period.

I like this series of Kits. Maybe an anniversary theme,or military.

smiley The Good Life Bundles are so good they ought to be called The Better Life, as they are better than just good. They are just fantastically complete. I have never found myself frustrated with them as I am able to find exactly what I need to make the next step in completing the layout I am working on at the moment. That said, I think it is a great thought of @Maricia's to relate the bundles to some sort of month theme as she mentioned. For example, word art that relates to some month theme, as in Movember. I am having a bit of a second thought seeing myself making themed papers or embellishments with most themes mentioned below.
Wikipedia knows this about January:
Alzheimer's Awareness Month (Canada)
Dry January (United Kingdom)
National Codependency Awareness Month (United States)
National Mentoring Month (United States)
National Healthy Weight Awareness Month (United States)
Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month (United States)
Stalking Awareness Month (United States)
Veganuary sounds the most fun on above list.

Thanks for the ideas!

I have a t-shirt that says "scrapbooking reminds us that life has been good" I love it! @Marcia, it is so hard to find firefighter kits that are directed at adults (and especially female adults). Most are directed at children, but I manage with a lot of other kits.