TIP: Using FB to watch designers, etc

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TIP: Using FB to watch designers, etc

There have been a couple threads lately where some of us have talked about how do you keep up with designers, your crafts, and all on FB? It does get overwhelming and most of us almost have given up on using facebook efficiently and it not being a huge time sucker...

I shared with Brandi, in another thread but thought others might not read that so I started a new thread to also see if any one else has TIPS on making FB work more for us as end users, memory keepers/layout makers, crafters, average Jane Does to find useful info or product or tutorials to benefit our process and not as designers selling something.

I have learned even though I hated the idea of the change in the beginning, that the interests option is pretty stinkin' cool!

I still have a hard time keeping it all organized. But... recently, I really am liking the groups and the interests options to make your own "sections". It has become a very useful tool! I have several interests sections set up: one quilting/sewing, one for cutter files(cricut/wishblade), one for digi FREEBIE listers(like: QualityDigiScraps), one for local places I like(restaurants, etc), one for family/friends, and one for designers I watch occasionally. I just absolutely don't have time to watch everyone, every day so with this new way I can just click on my interest group I want to for the day and see all the ones related to that particular topic.

Hope this is helpful! smiley

I think this blog post does a good job of sharing how to make Facebook work for you, and also shows you how to make an interest group if you don't know: http://gidgetgoeshome.com/2012/10/16/making-facebook-a-more-useful-online-community-and-resource-including-how-to-create-interest-lists/

I'm going to have to try that. I really can't keep track of things as they are. Now just to find the spare time to organize. smiley