Top Tips for Travel Layouts

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Top Tips for Travel Layouts

Hi all (newbie to Pixel Scrapper here)!

What are your top tips for creating a (80-100 page) travel book? I've hit a bit of a creative block!


I basically really only make travel books. So hopefully I can help.

What is your destination?
What is your goal with the book (display photos, include journaling, etc)?

I have some different styles I've worked on. To see the entire book together it's easiest to browse on flickr. You can find all my books here. In particular I would recommend:

Cities of Europe - for bringing together multiple destinations and using different scrapbook kits.
Taiwan - one destination, mix of solid photo pages and scrapbook pages
Traveling: A Year in Review - I'm a terrible journaler, so this is my best attempt using lists.

Thanks for the advice Marisa. I think I probably need to start with getting a little more brutal with which photos go in and which don't. One can probably say what I have five saying... your work is fabulous (and just what I needed) thanks!