Turning 12x12 to 4 inch Memory Dex Cards

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Turning 12x12 to 4 inch Memory Dex Cards

I have been turning my 12x12 and 8x8 pages into memory dex cards (not all work but thrilled that most do). It's so nice to have them easy to display to my dex in a memory dex box. Saves ink, saves paper and great for cutting machines.


Really cute, wish I had space to do something like that.

Love your box. What a great idea!

Thanks. I had a lady on Etsy make an SVG pattern to print on my Cricut Maker. I think its only $2 in her Zen Paper shop. Super easy just a few folds. I wanted to be able to print my matching 8.5x11 papers to make the boxes so it worked out great. I bought jewelry box feet on Amazon and hot glued them on.