Turning layouts into templates

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Turning layouts into templates

I mostly like to use templates as a starting point in my scrapping, since it speeds up the process a lot for me. (This is huge when I'm stealing minutes between taking care of the age 5 and under crew!) But sometimes, especially for the layout challenges on here, I come up with a layout from scratch that I really like and would like to use again. The only way I know of to make a template from them is by dragging rectangle shapes over the photos and then deleting the photos, is there a faster/easier way to do this? I use PSE 19, if that helps. Thanks!

What you describe you are doing to create a template from a layout is what I have done in the past. I usually use the flattened layout ( not the layered one) and create the different shapes of photos, papers etc on new layers.

Becky: I save as xyz.psd and then I fill the layers with colors.

Anne-Marie and Bina - Thank you both!