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You know what we don't have? Unicorns. I search. I searched hard.
No unicorns to be found.

This is a terrible situation.


One of my facebook friends wrote this on his facebook:

"When I told my 6-yo daugher that we´d go to a trip to São Paulo - city she haven´t been yet - right after the new year, she replied:
-How boring!
-Why do you think it´s boring? It´s an awesome city, where you can find anything!
-They don´t have unicorns"

Isn´t it just adorable? Guess who will meet this child and is thinking on how to give her a unicorn? Yes, me, lol.

But maybe Amber want a kit about unicorns? Maybe we should open a topic for it on the design request forum?

My daughter still loves unicorns (and she's 33)!! smiley

I'm obsessed with them and I turn 32 in February!

I prefer Norwhals. smiley

Maybe they are an evolution of the Unicorn?

Creative Market has some freebie download unicorn brushes!!

I can't find the free ones smiley

My grand-daughters love unicorns!

Here's some free ones on Pixabay. Most of their images are CU use too.

I'm working on a kit with unicorns now smiley


I love unicorns!!!

I have been collecting unicorns since I was in my late teens and I am in my 50's now. love unicorns. I believe I may have some files. I will go look.

I'll tuck one into my April blog train portion...Unicorns totally go with rainbows! smiley

Thanks Rose!!

You're welcome!

There are TONS of unicorns at Freepik. CU ok if you give credit to Freepik (there is a monthly subscription if you don't want to give credit).

...and I have this freebie set of Unicorn papers on my blog (not sure how long it will be free, because I expire my freebies from time to time so that I can sell them in my shops, but for now it's free).

@ Marcy, these are cute papers! OT, but how do you do your plaids?!

Those 2 plaids are CU templates I got from .... Delicious Scraps, I think. I like the dashes. I think they're so cute. They were just asking to be part of this set. LOL

They'd be super easy to make from scratch, though. Just make lines the width you want and arrange them at the distance you want, copy then flip the 2nd set, and make the dashed lines on top of the solid ones. I only use templates to save time.

Marisa also made a unicorn tea party bundle awhile back smiley

So super cute!!! TFS!!!

I love unicorns..always have, so prob always will!!

@Carole, THANKS!!!

My daughters love unicorns (and mermaids and caticorns and mercats!! lol!!)