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Used Mini Kits

So I have a TON of mini kits that I have been collecting as freebies over the months. I have used quite a bit of them now. Do you use them over and over? I sort of only want to use them once but I'm having a hard time letting them go after I use them.

I have exactly the same problem. I still reach into kits I have already used, even though I set myself the goal of using everything I have dowloaded. This way I will never achieve this goal ofcourse... But some kits are just to darn cute! Except for kits that are very theme oriented - the ones you know you'll only use once, like birthday kits (I don't want every birthday to look the same) - I do delete those kits once I am done.

What I would do myself is mostly (not always) a two-page spread layout with a full-sized kit. Then, if I have room on my back-up drive... I would move them to a USED folder over there, BUT copy any thing/item(s) that I "loved" that were more neutral to use on other layouts (usually embellies and plain-textured backgrounds) and leave them in a folder called 5-STAR. This folder is a folder I return to often for my favorite so-called basics.

And like Melo: I too, delete very themed kits (especially if I created a mini-album) cause they were so HUGE. smiley UNLESS (this rule always exists) smiley they are just so darn stinkin' fantastic I think I might use it again for something or a gift later. LoL

I know what you mean. But I've decided that using something new is generally more fun than using something I've already used. And similar to Melo, I've set a challenge for myself to actually use the stuff I download. So what I've been doing is actually moving the folders for a kit once I've used it. Maybe some day I'll delete them? Who knows, but at least this way I know what's new to me.

Marisa that is a great idea! I'm creating a "kits used" folder right now!!

LoL Marisa, I do that too (like in your pix) I put a small z in front of the folder name if I want it moved to the end out of my way... and if I want it at the top I put an underscore in front of it. smiley seems archaic but it works. LoL

Great ideas, Everyone! This newbie is taking notes smiley lol

Shawna - I also add a Z in front of my back-up folders to push them to the end and out of my way.

I have noticed that I tend to use kits over and over, I also have favourite kits I use. A lot of the times when I do a design, I dont use all of the elements or papers, so it's easy to re-use the kit.

Also, I keep the zipped ownloaded files. Once a month I transfer the zip-files to an external device as back-up. So the idea is that when I really see I dont use a kit anymore, I will wipe it from my pc, but I have the zipped file as back-up or a safety-net on the external, just in case.

These are great tips, I just started d/l scrapbook supplies. Thanks for sharing in this thread. smiley

Great idea Marisa, I am going to make a "Used folder" as well.

That's a good idea to change folder over!

@Cornelia: "Great" minds think alike! smiley

Awesome ideas, ladies!!! I have a hard time letting go of anything and tend to keep it all. I suppose when I start running out of EDH space I'll have to start making some hard decisions about what to keep.

My EHD is getting full so I have been thinking I should zip up anything I'm not likely to use for whatever reason and back it up somehow. I like the kits used folder idea too. I might pull the kit preview out and zip up the used kit to save space.

This sounds like a great way to organize! I have so many kits in my stash that get "lost" because I can't find them amongst the many in there. I'm going to try this too!

When I have used a kit, I tag it Red in the folder info (a Mac OS feature). So when I'm looking at my files, anything that's tagged Red has been used. Not sure if Windows 7 and 8 have a similar feature. I'll have to play around and look.

That is actually a great idea. I just have all of my kits in one folder. I always assumed I might use them again one day; that is why I love digital scrapbooking because you can use them over and over again. I don't delete anything, so that I can use it again one day.

I have all my kits organized by name of designer, and find myself going back to the same designers and kits over and over. I may re-color, or otherwise alter something I have already used before. I must admit though that I can not (yet) bring myself to delete any of the hundreds of kits that I seldom or never use…:( Some day…

I struggle with this too Maria. I think for me it's the fact I've lost almost everything I've owned a couple times growing up... and I always think, I just MAY need it someday. I'm learning lately to simplify life though. Even so... it's hard to hit delete. LoL I, too, catch myself returning to specific designers... I must be refining my eclectic taste a little bit with age or something. smiley

thanks for the "used kits" folder idea!! it seems that i always reuse my facourite style all the time.

I have actually just started using the Used - Kits folders system as well, and I really like it! What a clever idea!