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Wacom drawing pad

Hubby's getting me a Wacom for Mother's Day! I had a Bamboo many years ago but never got it to work. I kept getting the message in Photoshop that I needed to install a drawing pen that had pressure capability, and even though the Bamboo manual said it was supposed to be able to do that, it never worked. I got so frustrated that I gave up ever trying to use it again (yes, I still have it, I'm a hoarder).

Recently I started playing with Illustrator and now I REALLY want to try it out with the pen. I assume Wacom is good? Any tips on getting started, please feel free to let me know.


I have a Wacom, my second one (after the first's stylus finally died last year and it was more cost-effective to get a new tablet than to try to find a replacement stylus for a years-old tablet). I love them, and they're considered a good brand (though not the only good brand these days). If you run into errors with Photoshop again this time, I would do some troubleshooting before giving up, just in case something besides the tablet is causing the issues.

As for tips on getting started, I would say start by just practicing with it. Open up a canvas and just doodle. Get a good idea for the feel of the tablet and get used to looking at the screen and not your hand.

@Amanda Oh I did troubleshoot. Over the years I've tried it on four different computers, both laptops and desktops. Even tried it in Linux. I think the pad is faulty. I'm not sure exactly how since it DID draw, it was just the pressure option was never available no matter what I tried.

Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely be practicing. smiley


Yeah, the troubleshoot comment was a "just in case." I'm not saying you did, but I have known others who went, "Well, couldn't figure it out. Must be broken." I know the Bamboo should work with Photoshop, pressure included, so that it didn't no matter what computer you tried it on probably means it was faulty. smiley

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. smiley

I'm looking at the Wacom small with Bluetooth. Now I just have to decide between the black and the pistachio! lol The black one is 55 cents cheaper. smiley

My Intuos BT Medium is pistachio. I love it.

@Tracy - that is so nice that you husband supports you like that. I have an old old Wacom that I never use because I often use my laptop on the couch and there doesn't seem to be a way to set it up here. Your discussion has inspired me to try to set it up again.

@Holly Miller, You'll get best results with any drawing tablet if you set it up on a hard surface where your hand can move freely; perhaps a lapdesk or an over-the-couch C-table?