Washi Tape?

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Washi Tape?

When I began paper scrapping when my kids were little, about 20 years ago, washi tape was not in the inventory of the supplies I used. In fact, I had only heard of it in terms of crafting DIY journals. It sometimes came in long strips, but usually as a roll. Now I see many kits (mostly digital) with strips of washi that range from 1-4 inches long, and some are crumpled and wrinkled. I have often thought washi would make a nice simple border, but what do you actually do with the short pieces?

I use it like I would use tape, so along the top of a photo or paper layer. Sometime I put it behind for a little flair. I've got some on this layout:

I like for my digital pages to look very real, so I always have attachments on my LOs: staples, tape, stitching, etc. So just use the tape as you would in real life and tape an edge of a photo or other flat element down.

Thanks for the explanations... I am trying to cross the bridge from "paper and glue scrapping" to digital scrapbooking. There is so much to learn!

Love your layout, Rachel!!

I have used washi tape and figured out how to shadow it but I still have a hard time getting it to work with my pages. I tend to only use it if the template I'm using has it smiley