watercolor extractions

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watercolor extractions

I don't know if this is the right place for this question, and I believe it's been asked before, but how on earth do you extract watercolor drawings/images from the background while still preserving transparency? Has anyone seen any good tutorials on how to do this? (I have Photoshop CS3)

As I'm in love with your watercolor drawings, I'm keen for someone to help you answer this question smiley

When I do brush work to use digitally, I use black paint. Then you just need to set the image as a "brush" in Photoshop and it will automatically do the transparency based on white or gray areas. Obviously this is less help if you are using any color other than black...

You could also set the transparency yourself, just by lowering the opacity of the layer. Not sure if that would be as realistic as you're hoping.

Thanks Marisa! Black paint. Who knew? I'll try that first.

You can try to use a Filter > Go to Stylize > Find Edges.