What are tagger size kits used for?

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Can tagger kits be used successfully for recipe cards and creative projects on 3x5 and 4x6 cards? Wondering...

If you just want to put a little image in the corner of the card, or print a little folded notecard, they would probably work out fine. It's pretty easy to see, open a new image the size of the recipe card and layer in the tagger images. Then go to your print mode and see how it looks in print size. I keep blank 4" x 5.5" folded notecards on hand for a quick birthday card print if I need one. I sometimes print it on paper first to see if it comes out okay.

Is it possible to use tagger sized kits to make journal cards or gift tags? It might be a good way to save space on your computer.

If all you're doing is journal cards or gift tags, sure, though tagger size elements are often small in scale. If you don't want one taking up much space on your finished card, it'll work, but I find they're often too small to use as a focal element for a filler card.