What are you working on right now?

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What are you working on right now?

Interested in what people are scrapping/designing right now! What you got in the works? smiley xx

I'm working on the June blog train.

I'm not working on much right now ... hubby came home with a new knee on Saturday and that is just about all I'm doing right now .... so tired smiley .... when I do have time to sit down for a few minutes I'm working on patterns and creating overlays for later on .... actually making something right now is beyond me

Is he a typical man-patient, Susan? If so, I feel for you!

Oh that's a shame about your DH and yes that can be trying. I'm not working on a thing but i did just sign up for photoshop via the cloud. I want to try some of the tutorials.

I´m working on two kits (a mini and a full kit) that need to be in my store by the 1st. One of them is called Seashore.

I spent yesterday backing up my computer. ugh smiley lol

Busy month for me, had some family visit, it is our 19th anniversary in June and July 1 our son's baby no. 3 is due by c-section.

I'm busy trying to finish up a workshop on my Paint Shop Pro Skills, and after the baby is here, take a few scrapbook classes. Maybe by August I will actually be making layouts?

Sarah ...no he isn't thank goodness .... he's being mostly good although it would be nice if he could remember to tell me he needs something while I am still in the room where that item is smiley

I am still working on a digital Scrapbook About Me for my Daughter. I have been working on it a while and only have about 5 pages done. I don't know how many I will have once I am done but it involves a lot of scanning old photos of me but the hardest part is just creating the pages. In all the Scrapbooks I've done I have never had such a hard time like I am having doing this one. I have seen all the ideas for pages that's out there and on this site but most of the ideas just don't click for the layout of my pages. Oh well, I will get it done someday.

I'm currently gathering "materials" to create my first full kit ever. It'll be a genealogy theme. I've got lots of old photos and documents that I want to scrap to make a book out of. I figured, might as well create a kit for it that I'll be able to use and reuse so all my pages will look pretty much seamless and uniform.

i am working on how to automate my scrapping stuff, so i don't spend so much time on tasks i don't really like and have more time for things i LOVE about scrapping. At the moment especially how to get organized automatically!

At the moment I'm working out how to organize my digital stash, trying to set up a workflow so I know exactly what I'm doing. Then it will be the mammoth task of actually doing the organizing! I'm also working on a scrapbook of my Dad's life to give to my sister for Christmas this year. (He passed away in July 2013.) As well, I've started to scrap some of my poems - first one done, now I'm working on the second. Also colour palettes of famous paintings, and starting to create my own papers.

I'm working on catching up on my email after being gone for only about a week... almost 2,500!!!! I thinking I'm going to change my email and unsubscribe from a "bunch" of fluff... and yes I meant fluff not stuff. smiley LoL

https://unroll.me/ is great for managing your subscriptions! smiley

thanks Anika! that looks pretty cool, i'm definitely going to research into it. smiley may be my solution to the problem!

I'm working on a new kit! smiley

I'm working on an invitation ballerina

I became a full-time school librarian last fall (from about 15 hours a week to 37 hours a week) and my hobbies fell to the wayside. So now that the blessed summer has arrived, I'm trying to get caught up. My daughters' books were current up to the beginning of 2013 (not too bad really) and my traditional-style book is further behind, more like 2011. The process of organizing my picture files has helped me come up with a lot of ideas for layouts. I'm working through my older daughter's layouts first. She is a junior blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and I've been working on a lot of martial-arts themed pages. I am also stretching my creative muscles for times when I am short on pictures. For example, I was sick with a stomach virus over Christmas 2013 and so the only pictures I took are of the cat being naughty under the Christmas tree. So instead of layouts of each girl opening presents, there is one layout of him featuring a letter to Santa asking that he please be allowed to stay on the "Nice" list. This way a major holiday doesn't get skipped over in their books.