What do you like about art journaling?

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What do you like about art journaling?

I'm feeling like a need a little change of scene from my usual designing, and I'm considering working on an art journaling bundle. What do you like to use when working on an art journaling project? What assets do you most like to use?

I like the messy grunge look and mainly use grunge overlays, stamps, etc., in various colors to create the background then add my journaling and embellish with just a couples elements, usually changing the element layer style to overlay so you can see through them.

I tend to use a lot of different arrows and other directional elements. I also like the messy, grungy papers, overlays and ephemera. I'm excited to see your art journal bundle!!

Tissue Paper, Newsprint, Script Print Papers, Clothing Pattern Print Paper ...Like these 2 examples:

Thick Gesso in cut-out styles (like where you use the templates and it adds depth to your page) Here's an ex:

Drywall Tape type of mesh; String & Lace; Paint Globs; and Time Pieces
few examples here: (can click on picture for larger view)


Lovely examples Shawna!

I like gruny stuff for art journaling so you can blend papers . I still new to art journaling but I like it a lot

@Melo: I wish they were mine... smiley
I right now am doing a "scrap-lifting" of sorts until I can get my "OTHER" side of my brain to work better at being creative on my own. I figure it's kind of like photography, if your practice practice practice you get better... so I figure even replicating (copying??) someone else experiences my brain will grab hold of it eventually.
I wish I could draw and paint like a lot of the ladies I watch but I am more of a crafter verses an Artiste!!! LoL
I want to play with the digital format more so I'm looking forward to what Marisa creates. I have been collecting a few freebies that are in this arena especially some stuff Wren (from here) mentioned several months back.

I think it's a GREAT way to challenge yourself to BE artistic!!! Thank Marisa for making a kit!!! smiley smiley smiley

I want to know how to make that kind of stuff! I like the look. I've never really heart of art journaling until this website.

Shawna gave you some excellent suggestions - Here is a pinterest board that will keep you busy for a while: http://www.pinterest.com/RobinMeadDesign/share-your-mixed-media-arttipssuppliesideas/

For me, tons of gloopy textured paint, stamped letters and numbers, grungy stencils, scribbles, borders, doodles.

I like a variety of paint splatters and scribbles. I use a lot of blends with both to emphasize areas or just to add some color pop and variety. They are so effective at expressing mood! I will use the same splatter and scribble several times on the same paper using different blends to provide a variety of color pops. Fun!

Thank you for posting the link to the Pinterest board Jennifer! Lots of stuff to watch and get inspired by!

I use a lot of paint splatters and grungy brushes.

I love the look of Art journaling, would love to know if there are any tutorials on how to do it...I wouldn't know where to start.

Art journals are awesome and a great place to experiment. They can be personal and just for you or they can be created to share. Anything goes .... stencils, paint, mists, images, word art and your own writing, little bits and pieces of whatever you have on hand ... I've even used cornstarch in my acrylics to create a textured paint. You can add things and cover up things up if you don't like what you just did ....

Here is one of the best sites for mixed media art, especially for beginners who want to start an art journal for the first time .... they have lots of free tutorials and ephemera etc


Thanks for the link Susan

I've never done any art journaling, but I certainly want to try & see if I like it. I admit I'm drawn to those watercolor papers when I've seen them.

Just a journaling question.....I struggle with it, those who do it how do you know or what do you write on your page? Do you describe whats happening in the photos, I would love to journal but when it comes down to it I don't know where to start.

Sue ... you can write what you want ... it can sometimes depend on what kind of journal it is ... if it's a photo journal then maybe something about the photo or the people in the photo or what is happening on that day etc ... if it's an art journal page then it may be a favourite phrase that goes along with the mood of the page or something you have thought of yourself. You may not want to write in it, but paste letters/words from a magazine or old book, maybe a piece of poetry that you love. Think of it as a blank canvas ready and waiting for you. Sometimes you don't have anything at the time to write in it but want something there ... don't be afraid to leave it empty until those words come to you ... and they will, although it may be months later.

I love my art journalling to be messy! It's very much a let loose kind of thing for me, so it's never planned.

I, at the very least put the date & location. but I'm like Susan... it's a blank canvas. Sometimes, it's kind of a diary, other times it's a poem, and then others free verse, and even methodical at others. But... it varies, depends on if you're in an artsy mood or a writing mood... both things are and can be creative so just jump in to the mode you're feeling that day. smiley It can be very therapeutic & freeing if you're having a bad day, and a growing/stretching experience for your creative side on a great day and just all-around FUN on an average day. smiley

If you are doing any actual writing on your journal page try a white gel pen to highlight your letters ... helps to make them pop on the page ... I use my white to outline not just words but images as well ... it's an easy way to give your page that extra special look

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter of journaling Susan, I always find it hard to put into words...but as you said its a good idea to perhaps go back to it when you have something to write down.

Thanks for your help too Shawna....I will try to do some journaling on my next layout and see how it goes.