Which font do you use the most?

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Which font do you use the most?

Let's face it, scrapbooking and fonts are like chocolate and wine - the best of friends.

Which ones do you use the most?

bebas neue i guess smiley

Probably arial or century gothic.

I like the script fonts & my current go-to is Shelia

I am currently rediscovering digital scrapbooking so I don't have a go to font just yet. I recently stumbled upon this cool label-like font that I am eager to use in a scrapbook layout, soon! smiley If anyone is interested I found it at: http://fontspace.com/

Just realised I asked the question without sharing! Mine changes a bit, but a constant for me has always been Jenna Sue and I've also got a thing for League Gothic at the moment too.

Kimberley Geswein also does some fabulous fonts for the digital scrapbooker, my favourite at the moment being Ways to Say Goodbye.

Impact Label has to be my favourite 'label' font... so hard to choose!

dafont.com is my fav place to get fonts. Just what ever strikes my fancy!! Virgin is my all time favorite.

Sheila is so pretty smiley If you are looking for a similar free font check out Scriptina. I like Sheila better.

I love Sheila. I also like Harlean a lot by Laura Worthington, too!

has anyone ever used myscriptfont.com? I just tried it and now my handwriting is a font. It's weird though because on the computer screen it looks like a kid's handwriting. Oh well! LOL

How much fun is myscriptfont! Had to give it a couple of goes, but FUN! Thanks for sharing!

Hey... I need to try that to make my own font. Sounds like FUN! TFS the link! smiley

I think I heard about myscriptfont.comm from PS, can't rememeber. You may have to experiment with it a bit. Some of my letters I've noticed have too much of a space in between them. So I might type a word and then it may look like this: rive r, lol! Either way it's still fun to log into photoshop or even a word doc and see your own writing in the doc, LOL

I remember asking hubby if he could make me a font. He had told me the best way to get it closer to my own writing was to actually write out words, scan in the document and crop and paste my letters into that form they tell you to print, so it would look a little more realistic. Hope that makes sense. smiley

Shawna, Great suggestion from your hubby and I just thought what words so you have the whole alphabet and it came to me that with all the fonts they use a sentence that has all the alphabet and it is The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I always wondered why they use that sentence and now I know. I had the same experience as you J. Ajabad Abad and was not at all happy with it so thanks to your husband, Shawna I will try again.

Oh, boy! I have literally thousands of fonts! I'm currently organising my digital scrapbooking supplies, which is a MASSIVE job, and organising my fonts is the next thing on my to-do list. I'm really a beginner at digiscrapping, so don't have a go-to font for that, but my current default font to use in Word, etc is Calibri.

@Robyn: That's my Word go to, also. smiley And, I too am a font hoarder. I bet I have near 8,000????

oppps @Brenda: I will tell him thanks! He's kind of smart and creative to boot. I'm lucky! He paints, draws, plays several instruments by ear... He especially likes playing with my mixed media supplies for art projects. smiley

Avenir next for plain text, or a typewriter font. For titling my preferences chage a lot. Love Cry Kitty.

Love Aphrodite Slim Text if I want something elegant for a title (not that I'm elegant very often, LOL), Darcy Baldwin's fonts, especially the ones that looks like children's handwriting when journaling about my grandkids; Cry Kitty, Arial. I use Suitcase Fusion to keep them somewhat organized smiley, but I'm a bit of a font junkie & must have about 5 free font sites in my favorites.

I had issues with the kerning at My Script font too... but their new version (http://www.paintfont.com/) seems to be better in that regard... If you're in Photoshop, you can just fix that problem by adjusting the kerning (or spacing) on that particular letter. My l is -100!

thanks for the tip, Elouise

@Jeanne: I've never heard of Suitcase Fusion... gonna have to read up on that one and check it out. smiley
@ Elouise: That's a great tip!!! I've done that with WordArt and other fonts I've made for my layouts but never thought about doing that with my own font. smiley

i too have thousands of fonts. but more often than not i use a font called TBD director bold

@Shawna: It's a purchased font organizer, but for whatever reason Nexus Font, a free program, did not play nice with my computer at all. Suitcase Fusion won't allow you to delete or deactivate system fonts which is really good. I can view previews of my fonts and compare them in Nexus, activate the one I want to use, and then when I close out of PSE it deactivates the font again so I'm not using extra system resources. It just helps to keep track of what I have.

@Marlyn: Do you have a link to that font? I can't seem to find it by that name anywhere.

@Jeanne Extensis have got a great tutorial on 'cleaning' your system fonts so you don't have a whole bunch loaded that you don't need here. Organising mine has to be my favourite procrastination tool haha

@Jeanne: I did a little research. It sounds pretty great... but at $100 I may have to hold off a bit on that. smiley

Shawna, sorry but I forgot whose font it was. i'll do a little more digging and get back to you. cross your fingers, please. smiley

found it:

it's a font by Tangie Baxter Designs

Thanks for the link to the font. It's a nice print type font for basic journaling.

you're welcome, Shawna. yes, it is. quite legible too