Which font do you use the most?

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For script I like Alex Brush, BlackJack , Shelter Me and my favorite is Corinthia
For journaling I like Maiandra, Worstveld Sling Extra, Kayleigh, ZiptyDo and Segoe Print
For funky fonts I like Taylor Mackenzie, MA Sexy, Susie's Hand
NOTE: now of these contain an installer. They are just the .ttf

I use AMP Font Viewer to view the fonts installed on my computer and for reference. The download for this comes with a lot of junk so you have to be careful while downloading not to accept anything but the font viewer.

Really Cool! Wordmark is a site where you can type in a word, click load fonts and it will show you what you typed in the fonts you have installed on your computer.

FreeFontConverter.com allows you to convert between many font formats without the hassle of installing any software on your computer. I use Windows 8 so I use this site to convert otf to ttf

@Marilyn: Great Information!!!! TFS smiley

Oh boy, there are so many that I love using. I've been doing a lot of my grandbabies lately
so my go to's have mostly been Sorry We're Closed for
journaling. For scripty I like Jellyka Delicious Cake the best.

Those look like a lot of fun! smiley

ooooooo... i love sorry we're closed! Thanks Dee!!!

Kimberly Geswein used to do custom fonts and I had one made of my own handwriting. That's what I use on almost every layout I make. smiley