World Wide Xmas Blog Train

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World Wide Xmas Blog Train

I saw a thread for a blog train in here and thought I would share this one too. I found it last year. Its done once a year and its FULL of christmas goodies! They are open now for sign ups if anyone wants to participate with goodies. ...If you have a blog this train is AWESOME for exposure because lots of people do this train apparantly. If you just want to collect all those goodies, the site puts all the links up on December 1st ...This train is FUN and they have some AMAZING participants. Here's the link ...I am hoping this works because its reading as an NZ site, though I am sure its not ...thanks google!

Janae: I'm going to go ahead and lock this post to prevent duplication or confusion but Antoinette did share about this train with us here. That way she or others can just keep posting in the original one. Thanks so much for making sure we knew about it! smiley

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