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Daily/Weekly/Monthly Downloads

I thought it might be nice to put all the daily/weekly/monthly downloads in one place so people can find them easily... Most of the monthly daily downloads start on the first (tomorrow) so I figured I'd post this tonight since I won't be able to get online till late tomorrow and I want to give everyone ample opportunity to get the whole kit!

Daily Downloads (that mostly coordinate):

Ginger Scraps… new kit starts on the first... download links are valid for five days...

Scraps N Pieces... starts a new 'pick up the pieces' kit on the first of every month... download links say they're available for 24 hours but my experience is that they are usually available for 48 hours...

Go Digital Scrapbooking... store registration is required... and if you miss one you really like you can usually pick it up for $1.50 when it's no longer free anymore... they are now doing coordinating freebies... looks like it's a new kit every week or so and you can still buy the pieces you miss.

Sweet Pea Designs… this site has a new freebie every day or so (her schedule permitting) They are usually coordinating in groups of five or ten days…
[Edit: While she's no longer doing daily downloads, there are still archives of older ones up, so I'm leaving the link.]

Just So Scrappy… this site does daily downloads of brag book pages… very cute stuff… again sometimes her schedule gets in the way so if she hasn’t posted on a day check back the next day… the links are good for the duration of the group (usually of ten) so if you miss a day you should still be okay.

Harper Finch… while not strictly a daily download she tends to post freebies every day or so and they usually coordinate for a few days to a week or so…

Kimeric Kreations... also not strictly a daily download, but she posts several freebies for each new kit that comes out, so they'll coordinate for a week or so. If you haven't checked out her stuff before, it's gorgeous!

Daily downloads that don’t necessarily coordinate

Free Digital Stamps... posted a list of freebies around the web daily...no longer posting, but the site's still there.

TLC Creations… great little word art freebie every day. Paulette also posts Vintage Digistamps and Vintage images as well as papers she makes.

Digital Stamp Design… awesome vintage line art that she also turns into transparent pngs… she posts two or three different images most days.

Ginger's House... offers Daily Word Art

Old Design Shop... has vintage images and ephemera posted daily

Graphics Fairy... posts 3 or 4 vintage images every day

Far Far Hill... posts usually vintage or 'vintage style' freebies (often paper packs) usually one or two a day...

Antique Images... usually posts a vintage digi stamp or two every day...

Weekly downloads

Digital-Crea.fr has a freebie available usually in four or five parts with one part available every week (new parts usually posted on Mondays)... once the week is up the part is usually available for, I think in US dollars it's like, $2.11... anyhow... super cute kits... store registration is required but oh so worth it...

With Love Studio... will be done as weekly downloads with links sent to you through the newsletter... sign up is here...

Little Scraps Of Heaven.... posts freebies once a week (on Monday or Tuesday)...

Digital Two For Tuesdays... posts Vintage graphics on Tuesdays and then the random freebies the rest of the week

Ike's World Challenges... has a challenge and a freebie (often line art) usually on Tuesdays

Scrap Girls… This site offers a freebie on Tuesdays and Fridays... the freebies are up for a couple of days before they’re taken down… you do NOT have to register at the store to download the freebies… the page for each freebie has a link so you don’t have to check out to get it.

Diane's Digital Designs... posts a free line drawing every Wednesday... they're only up for one week so catch them fast. (No longer posting new ones, but the existing ones are still up there to download. This will get moved to another thread eventually.)

Kadoodle Bug Design... weekly freebies (posted on Thursdays I think). Freebies include digi stamps... they also include files for hybrid projects but since it includes Digi stamps I'm including the link.

Bugaboo Stamps... has a free Digi Stamp every Friday in their shop

Opal Manor... has cute line art posted on Fridays mostly, though is currently working on taking life in a different direction, so not posting as many any more.

Scribbles Design Challenge Blog... has digi stamps posted every Friday

Creating Keepsakes… no longer updating, though they used to offer a free font on their editor's blog each week and some are still available

Clearly Vintage... offers vintage digi stamps usually on Saturdays...also no longer updating, but many are still available

Stamp with Gail... has a free Digi Stamp every Sunday, new freebie can ONLY be downloaded for 24 hours, so don't miss it!

Scrap From France... here's a link for their Newsletter which has a freebie or two every week...

Peppermint Creative has a freebie that is 'regularly updated' (but the last one up there was part of a blog train back in May, so I might remove this to another thread soon)

Once Monthly Downloads:

None known right now--suggest one!

If anyone else knows about other Daily/Monthly/Weekly downloads feel free to post the links below this post.

Happy downloading!

Edit: 2015-01-26: Added a bunch of Links and took out a couple old ones

Edit: 2015-02-05: Added Scraps N Pieces, Clearly Vintage, Free Digi Stamps, Far Far Hill, Antique Images, and Kenny K Downloads. I also tried to arrange the list in order of the day the freebies are posted to try to make it easier to navigate the list, which has gotten very long. smiley

Edit: 2015-04-02: Re-added Alexx's Designs as she's back to posting daily downloads.

Edit: 2015-04-09: Added additional link for Gotta Pixel's daily download

Edit: 2015-04-18: Updated the link to Alexx Designs' site

Edit: 2015-07-24: Updated Scraps-n-Pieces link due to issues with the daily download not showing up on the old link

Edit: 2016-10-21: Removed several dead links and updated notes on others

Edit: 2017-04-23: Removed a couple of dead links

updated the list with two links I forgot... With Love Studios and Memory Clips...

With Love Studio... runs from the first through the fifteenth... downloads available for three days... I believe you have to register for the forum to see the links, but it's free and fairly simple....
Link invalid on 2016-10-22

Memory Clips... runs from the first through the twenty-seventh usually (sometimes the twenty-sixth)... downloads generally available for twenty-four hours... this month (June) she also has the whole May kit available for free download for a few days...
2016-10-22: Domain is for sale

hi thank u so much. smiley

a wonderful idea-thank you for this list!

Wow...super awesome!

y'all are very welcome... I figured y'all could benefit from my list... I have them all bookmarked in a daily download folder and I just go down the list everyday so I don't miss any... if any of you know the link for the Gotta Pixel DD post it and I'll add it to the list!

Hi Sarah... I hope I explain this right, but Gotta Pixel does things a little different when it comes to daily downloads... The designer often changes from week to week, and the link for each day's part is different each day. The best way to not miss a part is to subscribe to their newsletter. They'll send you an email every day & there's a link within it to the daily download designer's page. From there you have to locate the freebie (not usually too hard) and click on it. You also need to be logged in, too, to download their daily d/l.

This page will probably explain it better than I can: http://tinyurl.com/mxsmegq

Lizanne thank you so much for explaining... I'm a Pixel Club member so I get the daily downloads all at once in the beginning of the month so I'm totally clueless about how they do the actual dd... perhaps I should put a link in my list to the newsletter page you linked to... that way folks can at least find the subscribe link to get the newsletter... what do you think? Thank you again for explaining it to me. smiley

Thanks, Sarah. You're so good at staying on top of it all!

@Cheryl... you're very welcome... I'm obsessive about my daily downloads, so I figured I'd share what I know...

I'm adding a link to the list for Digitals daily download... they do it in 14 day cycles... tomorrow is day 14 of the current cycle so on Saturday they'll start a new kit... I wanted to post the link today so folks have advance notice and can make sure they don't miss the first day!


I've never been to that store! Thanks for the heads up Sarah.

No problem Brandi... they have some cute kits and the freebies are generally pretty cute too!

Thank you!

Just wanted to let ya'll know that Digitals started a new daily download kit today...

Digitals... runs every fourteen days... download link goes up at midnight and is good for twenty-four hours... site registration is necessary but free and easy to do.

This one starts today July 15, 2013... at the Lily Pad... registration on their site and possibly the forum to see the link is required, but easy and well worth it...

Wow, nice comprehensive list! Thanks for sharing smiley

You're welcome Crabby Girl!

Two things I wanted to make you all aware of...

First, I've updated the Lilypad link as they're now announcing the link to each day's download in a special forum specifically for their summer event: The Ultimate Vacation.... so I updated the link in my previous posts so you shouldn't have problems finding the links... but just in case here's the link again... http://the-lilypad.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=312)

Secondly, Digitals... should be starting a new download cycle tomorrow so I just wanted to remind folks so no one misses out... here's the link to the Digitals site... download link goes up at midnight (Eastern Daylight Time I think) and is good for twenty-four hours... site registration is necessary but free and easy to do.

I hope everyone's having a great summer and having fun collecting all the fabulous freebies around digi-land!

One more thing... I just added the link for the Scrapable site which has a new coordinating freebie every Tuesday... it's in the middle of the cycle and only the links for week two and three are still good, but I keep meaning to post this link at the beginning of the month but I keep forgetting so I figure I'll post it now and then it'll be here at the beginning of August...

Scrapable... They do a Featured Diva Spotlight every month and every Tuesday they give a new link to part of a kit from the Featured Diva... they also usually have extras available for download on the site's Facebook Page and sometimes the Designer's Facebook Page... here's the link to Scrapable's blog...

These are so important to keeping me working on creative things. Thank you for posting these!

no problem Alice... my pleasure... be sure and check out Digitals today as they're starting a new cycle today and the kit is by Cilenia Curtis... she does kind of Art journally kinds of kits and this one has a really pretty blue/green in it... let's see if the site will let me post the preview...


also I know I mentioned the Lily Pad's daily download yesterday too but I wanted to point out that even if you've missed the first few days the daily downloads are pretty much individual products ranging from mini kits to full alphas to stamps and journal card packs... that all coordinate together so you could probably find uses for the remaining days' products without having the first couple of days... so it might be worth it to check it out even if you've missed the beginning of the event... here's today's product...


also Chelle's Creations has been doing two daily downloads... and although it's the middle of the one kit the other freebie is a CU product and I think today starts a new free CU product with a piece of the product given out every day except Sundays... so check out her site today for the first part of the CU Crochet Leaves... and then go back on Monday for the next part.


Thank you Sarah!

Beverly, no problem, it's my pleasure...

here's a look at the daily freebie available today at the Lilypad... it's an adorable paper pack by Kaye Winiecki...


also... I want to make mention of Ginger's Scraps N Pixels... I know it's the middle of the cycle for her kit, but the really great thing about Ginger's site is she leaves all the links available for a month.... so even if you're just finding her site now in the middle of the month go back through her archives and you can still get the whole kit... here's a picture of the preview for July's kit Let Freedom Ring and the link to her site...


only a few hours left for today's daily downloads but I figured I'd post the picture of what's available at the Lilypad today anyways...

http://the-lilypad.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=312 look for the day 8 thread

Karen Diamond has a new weekly download... the last in the Rejuvenation Series if I recall correctly... don't know if anyone has been downloading her huge kit but I figured I'd post this week's mini kit to remind folks it's there... requires facebook like...


I know it's late in the day again, but I figured I should still post today's Lilypad Freebie to remind y'all... it's a really cute Alpha from Micheline Martin (one of my Favorite designers)

http://the-lilypad.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=312 (look for the day 09 post)

Excellent idea! thank you Sarah

You're welcome Patricia...

and I know it's really late in the day and y'all only have just over three hours left to get the daily download at the Lilypad, but I'm gonna post the preview here anyways and remember that if you've missed any of the days they will be selling each day the following week... so keep your eyes open for that if you missed any of the cute little mini-kits... today's download is Journal Cards with hash tags by Emily Merritt...

http://the-lilypad.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=312 (Look for day 10)

Thank you for these links! Very helpful!

Thank you all for the info. It is greatly appreciated