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so many goodies, thank you everyone for sharing!!!

Okay so my internet has been up and down today so in an effort to be a step ahead of my internet provider I'm going to post this today in case my internet is down tomorrow... so... Tomorrow (October 12, 2013) is the new download cycle for Digitals.... so tomorrow follow this link to get the first daily download...


Hi! So my internet seems to be working today, but my browser is acting up... go figure... anyhow here's the preview and link for Digitals new daily download cycle which starts today!


they have a fun little horseshoe freebie and then below that is the daily download... happy scrapping!

Just checked my email and discovered that Harper Finch is posting a mega with a few links everyday... I think it's up to like day 5 now but if you go back through her blog you can find all the old links which are still valid... and she post the links to her newsletter freebies too so if you're not signed up yet you can still get most of the newsletter freebies right on her blog... and there is a link on her blog to sign up for the newsletter so you won't miss any more freebies... totally worth it!!!

here's the link to her blog...


and here's a preview of the mega...

Thanks for the heads up Sarah. I was able to get the entire kit smiley

Skye, glad I could help! I LOVE Harper's designs so much... you should check her out on deviantART too because she has a bunch of FREE kits available through that site too... let's see if I can find the link to that...


okay so today is the first day of the daily download cycle at Digitals... here's the preview and link...


So many fun goodies.. I don't really know where I should begin!! Thank you!

You're very welcome Carri... You're kinda catching most of them at the end of the cycle so be sure and check out the ones on the list under monthly starting on Friday as that will be the start of the new cycle for most of those sites... I'll try to post a reminder Thursday night or Friday at some point... the weekend's gonna be busy though because of Digital Scrapbooking Day... most sites will have stuff going on all weekend and I hope to post links to anything I find in the Freebies section of this site (in two threads I'll make on Thursday or Friday probably) so keep an eye out for that too!!!

I almost forgot Word Art World's Weekly SWAP...


Look for SWAP 153... requires store login but you don't have to use the shopping cart just log in then go to the page and there is a green arrow you click and it should automatically start downloading.

So... I mentioned to Carri that it's towards the end of the cycle for most of the sites and I realized just now that one of those sites is leaving all the links up and active until November 1st so I wanted to make mention of it since newbies should be able to go through all the blog posts and find the whole kit... so Ginger's Scraps & Pixels has Candy, Candy, Candy as the kit this month and she just posted that there are 28 links and they will remain active till the 1st... so if you haven't gotten the downloads cuz you thought you missed them head on over and just go through this months blog posts.... there shouldn't be too many of them since she started posting several days links in a single post so... here's the link to her blog and the preview of the kit...


Sarah, thank you so much for posting this! smiley I have been away from digi-scrapping for so long, that most of my links were bad! LOL I LOVE Harper Finch, I bought her store last month. smiley Thanks especially for pointing me to Sweet Pea, her designs are so cute!

Julie you are so welcome... and I bought Harper's store too... she has great designs... and I love Sweet Pea's designs too... be sure and sign up for Harper's newsletter if you haven't and follow her blog since she's giving away her retiring kit A Day At The Park this week... here's the preview and the link to her blog again so folks can get all the goodies... also if you haven't signed up for her newsletter yet... you should but don't worry about having missed the freebies... her blog posts generally include a link to the newsletter freebie too (not always but most of the time and I think she has done it for all of the At The Park freebies...)


If I looked correctly the At the Park freebies go back to the 24th of October... though I highly recommend going through her whole blog she's got a ton of great freebies and she seems to have fairly frequent sales so you can get the kits that go with the freebies for real cheap (though she often gives away whole kits too!!!)... her buy my store deal might still be going on too (but don't quote me on that.) Anyway, the freebies are given in just about every post and some of them are on Deviantart and some are on download sites... so don't just download all the Deviantart ones and think you got them all (Like I did at first...lol)... Happy Downloading and then Happy Scrapping!!!!

I hope everyone remembered to start downloading the daily downloads yesterday (Friday, November 01, 2013)... if not some/most of the sites have the links up for a few days so you should still be able to get most of the downloads... also I removed Scrapping Fairytales from the list as the site is closing in December and they aren't to my knowledge doing daily downloads anymore. I also rearranged the order of some of the sites on the list to try to make it easier to follow and neater.

Yesterday Memory Clips started a new cycle... yesterday's download is still good as of 8pm Saturday, November 09,2013. look for the November 8th and November 9th posts to get both days...

today is the first day of the new cycle at Digitals...

and I forgot to remind y'all about this week's SWAP from Word Art World... you need to be registered in the store but you don't need to check out just sign in and then go to the page and click on the green arrow to download the zip!

okay so I was just checking out Sweet Pea Designs' blog and she posted this message with her freebie...

"Starting January 1st, I will keep my freebies available on the blog for the length of the series which is usually about a week or 2 for you to pick up. Once that time is over I will add them to the shop as a set at a discounted rate. I will also be changing my prices over at the shop and you will see a slight increase. "

so now is the time to head over to her site and download all her older freebies... here's her site...


And just a reminder that Word Art World's SWAP is usually switched out on Mondays so don't forget to run over to gotta pixel and grap your weekly freebie... this link is in the post above this one (Post #76)...

Thank you

Thank you for the list! I found something I've been looking for all day in one of the freebies!

You're very welcome Felice and Wendy...

I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that all 19 download links for the month of November's daily download over at Ginger Scraps are still active... you'll have to scroll through to each days download but as of 10pm Tuesday November 19th 2013 they were all still active so if you thought you missed out hurry over and grab them up since I figure they'll be deactivated in the next couple of days... here's the sneak peak preview of this months kit and the link to the blog...


also there should be a new SWAP freebie from Word Art World... so check out her store at Gotta Pixel... Look for SWAP 156 Freebie... you have to register in the store but you don't have to check out.... just log in to the store and then go to the product page and scroll down a bit there should be a green arrow... click on the arrow and your download should start.....


just remembered that I meant to post on the 15th that With Love Studio's Daily Download links will be up until Thanksgiving here in the USA (a week from tomorrow so the 28th I think) I checked and the first link is still active so they all should still be good... so if you thought you missed out head on over and snap up the downloads while you still can... here's the link and preview...


Happy downloading!!!

I'd love it if we could start a separate sticky thread with the December Daily downloads, since SO many great places will be doing that this month. But perhaps you think it's best to leave it here, which is fine, too.

Here are a few to get us started:

Sweet Shoppe 25 days of December Delights: http://www.sweetshoppedesigns.com/index.php/25-days-of-december-delights/ (not necessarily a download, today's is a coupon, for example)

Just Jaimee is giving a way her whole huge Storyteller bundle for the month of December, one piece at a time, through her newsletter. You can subscribe here: http://justjaimee.com/

Traci Reed's CT has made a gift for every day of December using her Classic Christmas collection: http://tracireed.com/news/category/free-gifts/december-dailies-2013/

Here's another one:
Wendy Tunison Designs is offering something new each day on her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WendyTunisonDesigns

Tracy Martin is doing a weekly freebie in her newsletter and other on her facebook page. Her first newsletter freebie was *really* nice. You can sign up for her newsletter on her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tracy-Martin-Scrapbook-Designs/231689303547931

OMGosh, so much good stuff!!! smiley Thank you all for sharing! smiley
La Belle Vie will do daily download again, December 13-24. http://labelleviedesigns.wordpress.com/

Thanks, Julie! smiley

I'm so sorry I've been MIA... long story short my mouth isn't healing properly from my wisdom teeth extraction... anyways do you think it would be worth it to still do a separate post? Cuz I'm down with that if you do.

also here's another daily download for december tomorrow she starts giving away the parts to a new kit so although we missed the previous kit given away from dec 1 to today there will be a new kit tomorrow...

Karen Diamond Designs Christmas Bliss Daily Download

and another one that is giving away the parts to multiple kits is Sweet Digi Scraps...

Sweet Digi Scraps Days till Christmas Daily Download

@Sera - I'm sorry about your mouth! I had a pretty bad post-extraction experience back when I had mine removed, so I know how awful it can be. Hope you heal up soon!

I think we're doing okay with this thread, no need to make a separate one. smiley

@Sera: hope you feel better soon & it's not dry socket you're suffering from (my hubby had that & he was in a ton of pain).

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes... I seem to be in less pain this week, so here's hoping the worst is over...

Today is the first day of the daily download cycle at Digitals so be sure and check it out here's the preview and link...


Also while I think of it... the weekly SWAP freebie is still available over at Word Art World's Gottapixel store... here's the preview and link...


You need to register with the store but you don't need to put the item in your cart... login then go to the product page and there should be a green arrow, click on that and the download should start!

Now I'm off to download all the december daily downloads... Happy Scrapping!