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Thank you.

Deanna, you're very welcome...

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that after the first Sweet Pea Designs old freebies won't be available free anymore so if you want to have them for free head over there in the next day or two and download them all... I'm personally going through and downloading the ones that match the kits I have or plan to purchase in the future... here's the link so you dont' have to go searching for it...


Thank you for all this information. It is a great reference!

You're welcome Deanna, my pleasure!

I updated the list at the beginning of the thread... removed a link or two that isn't doing daily downloads anymore and then moved a few links to a new 'Monthly Download' section of the list since Ginger Scraps N Pixels and Daisy's and Dimples are both now doing a single download each month... also the link for GSNP has been changed to her Facebook page where the download will be posted each month...

Also Digital's has changed their daily download cycle from fourteen (14) days to seven (7) so there is a new download up every seven days... I think the first download is on Saturdays.

Happy Downloading!

My favorite place for freebies is Scrappin Cop ... she's been around for YEARS!! Almost Everything is CU OK .... she never takes them down.

I'm in agreement...I only just discovered Scrappin Cop and I love all her stuff

Thank you so very much for placing this information here in one place, it is a tool that I will value.

I ran into this designer recently and I like her kits. The thing is that I don't know if she does a monthly kit on a regular basis. There's a freebie a day for the month. This month is coming to an end (so sorry that I'm posting this right now), but maybe we can keep an eye out for next month and see what happens.


The good news is that if you miss a day, you can purchase the day you missed.

This is wonderful! Thanks so much for the information! I'm looking forward to viewing all these links!

Skye... thank you for the link... she does in fact appear to be doing a daily download every month... and while today is the third of the month the first three days are still available for free until 11:59 PM Eastern tonight... so hurry over and get the first three days... http://www.alexxsdesigns.com/alexxshop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=4

I added Alexx's Designs to the master list as well as adding Go Digital Scrapbooking too... here's the link for Go Digital Scrapbooking... they have a freebie or two available most days... store registration is required... and if you miss one you really like you can usually pick it up for $1.50 when it's no longer free anymore...

I forgot Scrappin Cop so I have to check out her site and then I'll try to add her to the list since my computer still isn't always cooperating... but Thank you to Amy for that link!

I forgot one more that I have been intending to add for a while now and my computer just wouldn't let me... Digital-Crea.fr has a freebie available usually in four or five parts with one part available every week (new parts usually posted on Mondays)... once the week is up the part is usually available for, I think in US dollars it's like, $2.11... anyhow... super cute kits so here's the link... oh by the way store registration is required but oh so worth it...

And I checked out Scrappin' Cop but it appears she hasn't added anything new since March 2013 so I'm not gonna add her to the list but it's definitely worth checking out the link (found in post 97) as she has some great freebies available... so thank you Amy for that.

Wow, Sera, what a list!! I'm overwhelmed and no idea where to start! lol
This is all new to me and I'm so thankful for all these freebies to start me off. It's wonderful. Thank you for being willing to share with us smiley

As a designer over at With Love Studio. Thank you for sharing our site here. We do appreciate it. Please feel free to join us for our fun games where we have more goodies as well.

I also fun The Digi Blog Train, we are small at the moment but we are a monthly train. If you want to add us, we are always looking for others to join us for the fun but we enjoy having people follow the train as well. You can find us at TheDigiExpress.com - you can also find us here.. https://www.facebook.com/thedigiexpress

Scrap Orchard is giving away their Road Trip kit (1/2 this week and 1/2 next week). It's a huge bundle so I thought I'd share the info hopefully this is the right place to do so....

Also about quarterly Peppermint Creative has a new freebie - right now it's a page template in the past it's been entire kits or journalling cards etc. that's at : http://peppermintcreative.com/index.php?main_page=downloads

Not sure where to post this question, but hopefully someone can help. I missed Day 24 of this month's freebies for Alexx's Designs. Would someone be kind enough to tell me what elements were given that day?

There are usually 2 pieces in each freebie. I'm just trying to decide if I really want to purchase the missing day, or if I can go without. I'm also debating whether or not to keep the kit. I like the kit so far, I just don't know if I'm LOVE with it.


Hi Skye... the two items in the download that day were a beige-ish solid and a black paper rose... I'd do a screen cap of the folder for you but I don't have a program that will let me do that on this computer... if you need the screen cap let me know and I'll try booting up my PC and see if I can do a screen cap on there.... oh I k the preview of the papers the one on that day is the 7th paper in from the right... and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out the rose from the other preview as it's directly beneath the little pink piggy.... hope that's helpful to you... also FYI...the $1 for the piece is in Canadian money so it's really only like 93 or 97 cents (I forget which) in USD currency.

@Kimmie... I meant to thank you for the links a while back but my computer blue screened while I was writing the post and then I forgot to go back and rewrite it... so anyway, thank you and I added Peppermint Creative to the master list in the first post

Oh, thank you for responding Sera. I think I can skip that day. By the way, do you know where would be the best place to post questions like these? Because now I need to ask about day 26, lol! Maybe day 26 will be worthwhile to get smiley

I think questions about daily downloads should be done in this thread so you're in the right place... hope you read this before the parts are gone (later today) I would have responded sooner but I'm still having computer issues... anyway day 26 is the red flower with green button as it's center on the white circle that has red dots on it.... it's directly below the horse's mouth on the preview and the paper is the multicolored leaves paper that is the 7th paper from the left on the paper preview... hope this helps.

Hi... just wanted to remind everyone that I think today is the last day of the current dd cycle at Digitals... tomorrow should be the first day of the new cycle and I usually tell myself I'll post a reminder and then I either forget or it's very late in the day so I doubt it's of much help to folks... and since I'm going to a rose garden to take pictures tomorrow for most of the day I figured I'd post the reminder now...

here's the link for tomorrow...


Happy scrapping!

I know about this two pages: HG Designs and Jennifer Scraps

Okay, thanks Ania... I'll add the links to the list when my computer stops acting up...lol. I actually knew about HG designs and spaced about sharing it since I've been getting her posts sent to my inbox since before I started hanging here at pixel scrapper but they go right to my inbox so I never put the link in my favorites folder that all the links in the first post are in so thank you for listing it so that others can get her amazing goodies.

This is an excellent list. Very useful. Thanks for all your hard work.

Hello, Tiffany (I think that's her name) mentioned this in the July Freebies thread but I think it really belongs here... so today is the first day of the Lily Pad's month of freebies... after collecting the whole month's worth you'll get this...

okay so my computer won't let me post the picture today, but it's a really nice kit... so go here...


to find the first day's link...

Okay so let's see if my computer will cooperate today... today is the first day of the dd cycle at digitals...

so my computer is not cooperating so I can't show you the picture of the kit but here's the link...


and don't forget about the Lily pad's dd... even if you've missed the first few days each day is pretty much a mini kit so it's worth it to collect the rest even if you've missed a few... here's that link again...


Go Digital Scrapbooking started their new DD Cycle... It was posted today but also includes yesterday's download so be sure and get the downloads for both the 26th and the 27th... and don't forget the Facebook freebie that coordinates... here's the link to their forum where all the links can be found...


wow, didn't know there were so many freebies available, so nice to have all the links in one place

Just got an email from Alex of Alexx Designs... her store will be down for maintenance for a few days so the August daily download schedule will look like this...

The store is closed for maintenance August 01-03, 2014.

The daily download return in August, according to the schedule:
1 and 2 - available on August 04;
3 and 4 - available on August 05;
5 and 6 - available on August 06;
Starting from 7 - available on the day.

so I just wanted to give you all a heads up!

Hello just wanted to remind folks that today is the first day in the daily download cycle for two sites... Go Digital Scrapbooking and Digitals... the links to both are below... also I don't know what's going on with Alex's site but it seems to be completely down I keep checking it every day so I'll let you know when it's back up

Go Digital Scrapbooking's dd thread on their forum... http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/forum/forumdisplay.php/50-Daily-Downloads

Digitals' dd... http://digitalscrapbookpages.com/digitals/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=104&products_id=32866

Happy downloading and happy scrapbooking!!!