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Thank you so much.

You're welcome Misty...

Just wanted to remind everyone that today is the first day of the daily download cycle at Digitals...


and I also wanted to remind you all that the first week of the weekly download cycle has started at Digital.Crea.fr...


Happy downloading and happy scrapping!

Just wanted to let everyone know that today is the first day of the daily download cycle at Go Digital Scrapbooking...

today's post seems to be missing in the forum so if it's still not there when you visit go to the shoppe and look under Arizona Girl and the first freebie is there.. also the link to the Facebook freebie is in the forum so don't forget to check that out too!


Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

Thank you for the links. I didn't know there were too many freebies out there smiley

Just wanted to let everyone know that starting in October With Love Studios will be doing their daily downloads as Weekly downloads via their Newsletter. So the freebies won't be in the forum anymore you will have to sign up for their newsletter to receive the freebies. The link to sign up is below...


Oh and to Ella Joy, you're welcome.

Edit: Edited the master list to reflect recent changes

Thank you sor the links!

You are welcome, Kathryn...

Just wanted to let everyone know that Alexx Designs has finally posted the first four days of her daily download and they are available until the 6th I think so make sure you head over there soon because it is a super cute Halloween kit this month... here's the link...


Just wanted to let folks know that today is the first day in Go Digital Scrapbooking's daily download cycle for this week... The kit for this cycle is from Altered Amanda's Studio (formerly Outside the Box Design Studio)...

Super cute and if you're like me you're loving the Art Journal craze so be sure and head over to Go Digital Scrapbooking...


Thank you Sera ! I love this kit !

fyi, from their website:
Sadly, after a decade, the Digitals or digitalscrapbookpages.com site and store has closed permanently.

I knew Digitals closed and I will take it off the list... thank you for reminding me

to be clear the link I gave for the Just My Type kit works it is a different site that closed down.

Wow! I just think that I'm addicted to those downloads, but you won me. I found in your list a few new ones. TYVM for this post.

What a great thread! Thank you.

just wanted to let everyone know that in the December 2014 Freebies Around The Web Thread (found here) I have listed a bunch of daily downloads that are just for December. I wasn't really sure where to put them but I thought they might get the most traffic in that thread but I wanted to make mention of it here in case anyone misses it.

So Godigitalscrapbooking's download for yesterday wasn't visible for most of the day so you can still go over to the site and get yesterday's and today's as yesterday was the start of their new cycle and the kit looks super cute...


Also Ginger Scraps started their new cycle yesterday too and that link still works today so head over there as the sneak peak looks cute... I especially like the colors...


There is a new daily download... SnP is now doing a daily download... the link is... http://scraps-n-pieces.com/blog/ Links available for 24 hours only.... scroll way down to Dec 31 for the first download link.

just wanted to let everyone know that Alexx's Designs has a free kit that is December's daily download but since her store was down for maintenance she's giving the whole kit away at once... it was only supposed to be free through the 4th or 6th so if you haven't gotten it yet I would hurry over there and grab it... unfortunately the store registrations got reset so you may have to reregister which will take a day or so to be manually accepted by Alexx... so hurry over there while the kit is still free...


Also, the Digital-Crea site has a new freebie... the first weekly freebie of the new collab kit is available...


Hi everybody... today is the first day of the daily download cycle at GoDigitalScrapbooking... here is what the kit will look like after you finish collecting the pieces between Jan 24 (today) and Jan 31...


So I need to go through the first post and weed out the old out of date links and add a bunch of new links that I've found but in the mean time I thought I would post today's freebies here so that no one misses out while I try to redo the master list.

TLC has Monday's Word Art Freebie and some Vintage Dog Graphics: http://createwithtlc-createwithtlc.blogspot.com/

Also if you follow her page and she gets 2670 followers she will give a freebie to her followers... I'm a follower and I get the freebies ever 10 followers and they are all super cute, I think they're usually vintage graphics turned into digi stamps.

Far Far Hill does daily freebies too. Today's is Vintage Style Hearts:


Free Dearie Dolls Digi Stamps also has daily freebie of a cute Valentine Girl called Two Hearts Are Better Than One:


Ginger's House has daily free word arts: Today's is I'm Tired Of This Day I Need A New One


The Graphics Fairy has several today:

Vintage Strawberry Label
A Vintage Donkey Valentine
Retro Chorus Line Dancers

The Old Design Shop also has freebies that are posted often (Daily I think)



Raspberry Road Designs also has freebies


Last but not least Wings of Whimsy does daily stuff too and here is the most recent:


The Master List has been updated as of 2015-01-26

Just got an email telling me the weekly download for Digital Crea's monthly kit is now available


Hello I hope all you folks in the North East USA are keeping warm... here's today's daily freebies for you:

TLC has the Tuesday Word Art Freebie available today... http://createwithtlc-createwithtlc.blogspot.com/

Far Far Hill has a paper pack: http://farfarhill.blogspot.com/

Free Dearie Dolls has a Boy without Kisses Digi Stamp


Ginger's House has a word art freebie: I'm Eating For Two Me and the Skinny Girl Inside, She Really Likes Cake!


The Graphics Fairy has two freebies:

Antique Dolphin Picture http://thegraphicsfairy.com/antique-dolphin-picture/

Antique Pitcher and Bowl http://thegraphicsfairy.com/antique-pitcher-bowl-image-public-domain/

Old Design Shop has two freebies:



Useless Trinkets has two Digi Stamp freebies: https://uselesstrinkets.wordpress.com/freebies/

Wings of Whimsy has Part 2 of the Valentine Sweethearts:


Thanks for the information it is so helpful.

To Rachel, you are welcome...

To everyone else, sorry I'm so late today. FYI Wednesdays and Fridays are likely to be pretty late in the day... anyway here are today's downloads:

TLC has Wednesday's Freebie Word Art: http://createwithtlc-createwithtlc.blogspot.com/

Wings of Whimsy has part three of Valentine Sweethearts:


Old Design Shop has Crab-Apple Blossoms:


The Graphics Fairy has three freebies:

Fancy Keyhole Ornament: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/fancy-keyhole-ornament/

Vintage White Peacock: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-white-peacock-image/

Vintage Goldfish Bowl (Which I actually think has a Beta in it not a goldfish): http://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-goldfish-bowl-image/

Antique Images has a Beautiful Country Scene and a Biblical Scripture: http://antiqueimages.blogspot.com/

I Like Markers has A Free Snowman Braving a Storm Digi Stamp: http://ilikemarkers.blogspot.com/2015/01/free-winter-digi-art.html

Little Scraps of Heaven has a Mouse with a box of Chocolate Mini Digi Kit: http://lshdesigns.blogspot.com/2015/01/this-weeks-free-cutting-file-and-free.html

Diane's Digital Designs has a Sunflower in Water Digi Stamp: http://dianesdigitaldesigns.blogspot.com/

Ginger's House has a Free Word Art: I'm not always sarcastic (Sometimes I'm asleep): http://gingershouse.blogspot.com/

Free Dearie Dolls has a Birthday Hat Boy digi stamp in B&W and Color: http://freedeariedollsdigistamps.blogspot.com/

Far Far Hill has a Remembering Spring Paper Pack: http://farfarhill.blogspot.com/

A little late in the day again.... sorry about that! Here are today's daily freebies:

TLC has the Thursday Word Art Freebie (more Coffee): http://createwithtlc-createwithtlc.blogspot.com/

Antique Images has an Oval Printable Frame Digi Stamp; a Beautiful Image of a Woman wearing a straw hat with flowers; and images of 2 Sleeping Children: http://antiqueimages.blogspot.com/

The Graphics Fairy has 35 Free Romantic Images: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/35-free-romantic-images/
and a Vintage Pegasus Horse Image: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-pegasus-horse-image/

Ginger's Hopuse has a Free Word Art about Not being your average Girl: http://gingershouse.blogspot.com/

Digital Two For Tuesday has two digi stamps (1 of a lady in mourning and 1 of rams): http://digitaltuesday.blogspot.com/

Free Dearie Dolls has two sets of Digi Stamps... 2 in color and 2 in Black and white of a Grandma (look under Thursday and Wednesday's posts): http://freedeariedollsdigistamps.blogspot.com/

Wings of Whimsy has Parts 4 and 5 of Valentine Sweethearts:



That's it for today, see you tomorrow (probably late)

Okay so I didn't get a chance to post on Friday or Saturday so I'm going to do three posts in one now... When there is an image it's linked.

So for today's freebies first... today obviously is the first of the month so it's the beginning of the daily download cycles for the monthly kits...

GoDigitalScrapbooking's kit looks like this:

Ginger Scraps sneak peak preview looks like this:

Scraps N Pieces sneak peak preview looks like this:

For the month of February Sweet Shoppe is celebrating their 9th birthday so they will have freebies every day Sundays through Fridays... Here is today's freebie:

TLC has:
TLC added to the Vintage Dogs post
Paulette also has:
Friday's Free Word Art (Bonjour)
A Just for fun graphic of a caterpillar
Saturday's Free Word Art (Be in Love With Your Life... Every Minute of It)
Sunday's Freebie is a Vintage Rhyme
She also has a Free Retro February Calendar Page
And a First Day of February... F is For...

Blackberry Jelly has a Digi Stamp of Presents in both Color and B&W

Clearly Vintage has a Saturday Image Bonus 353

Daydream Designs has a Free Word Art of Psalms 71

Far Far Hill has multiple freebies:
Travel To Summer Papers
Spring Garden Papers
Vintage Style Papers
Remembering Spring Papers

Ginger's House has several Freebie Word Arts:
Sometimes I Question My Sanity
Grandma Always Said...
Anxiety Girl

The Graphics Fairy has several freebies:
Vintage Grapes Girl
Winter Cottage Scene
Vintage Fairy Child Silhouette
DIY Printable Valentine’s Nursery Paper
Fancy Keyhole Ornament
Vintage Pegasus Horse Image
35 Free Romantic Images

The Old Design Shop:
The Constitution Ship
Choo-Choose Me Valentine
Cat’s Cradle
Floral Endpaper
Valentine Clown
Girl and Boy Skating
Hydrangea Gardening Pages
Valentine Clown

Opal Manor has a bunch of freebies

Scribbles Designs Challenge Blog has:
Scribbles Designs Challenge #25 Winter Wonderland
Friday Freebie Dumbell Digi Stamp
and a Scale Digi Stamp

Snoopy's Homemade has a Free Digi Stamp February Birthday: http://snoopyshomemadefun.blogspot.com/2015/01/free-digital-stamp-february-birthday.html (you have to email her to get it but she sends it quickly and I haven't gotten any spam from her and I've been sending her emails for the Saturday Freebies a couple of times.)

Wings of Whimsy has:
Valentine Sweethearts – Part V
Valentine Sweethearts – Part VI
Valentine Sweethearts – Part VII
Romantic Paper Easels

Nicole's Free Coloring Pages has a page that could be used as a Digi Stamp:
Figure Skating Dance - Coloring Page

Antique Images has:
Printable Label Design of Birthday Greeting, Gift Tag, and Card
Frame Image Transfer of Black Oval Frame with Flowers
Flower Graphic of Wildflower Goose Grass Botanical Clip Art
Animal Image Transfer of Squirrels in Pine Tree Doing Housework
Circle Frame with Winter Clip Art of Country Cabin

Bugaboo Stamps has a Scruffy Puppy Stamp

Hudson's Holidays has an alphabet series (They're posted on Fridays and She has only posted through X so I'll post the subsequent letters as they're posted):
The Letter A is for
The Letter B is for
The Letter C is for
The Letter D is for
The Letter E is for
The Letter F is for
The Letter G is for
The Letter H is for
The Letter I is for
The Letter J is for
The Letter K is for
The Letter L is for
The Letter M is for
The Letter N is for
The Letter O is for
The Letter P is for
The Letter Q is for
The Letter R is for
The Letter S is for
The Letter T is for
The Letter U is for
The Letter V is for
The Letter W is for
The Letter X is for

Crafty Paws has a Free Koala Digi Stamp

Crafting with Jack has a Free Vintage Image of Bulbs (Flowers)

A Day For Daisies has an Angel Dropping Hearts Freebie Digi Stamp (It's a long post so scroll down a bit to find the stamp)

Beyond The Fringe Crafts has Free Valentine Digi Stamps (Scroll down a bit)

Free Dearie Dolls has several Grandma Digi Stamps:
Bingo Granny
Cat Grammy
Lucky Grammy

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles has two Snow Much Fun papers

Whew, I think that's everything for now... I might post another post later today if I find any more daily freebies posted this afternoon, otherwise I hope to post again tomorrow.

Just a one more today:

Graphics Fairy has a Vintage Applying Makeup Image

Now I'm gonna focus on the Superbowl... Go PATS! So hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow.

Okay so real life got in the way on Monday and Tuesday so I didn't get the chance to post the daily freebies (too busy making 18 scrapbook pages for my mom...lol.)

So once again I'm including all the freebies from Monday, Tuesday and today... (images are linked)

Old Design Shop has:
Young Love Vintage Illustration
Antique Washing Machines Vintage Clip Art
Boys in Biplane Valentine Clip Art
Kindergarten Songs for February Graphic

Diane's Digital Designs has Boy with a fork Let's Eat Digi Stamp

TLC has several:
Wednesday Word Art Freebie
Ancient Mask Free Printable
Tuesday Word Art Freebie
Monday Word Art Freebie

Kadoodle Bug Designs has A Penguin Digi Stamp (and a few other formats)

Ginger's House has several word art freebies:
Make Today Ridiculously Amazing
I Have Issues
Find the Time

Limited Runs Digitals has: Quick Valentine's Freebies

Free Dearie Dolls has:
Gramps and Granny Feed the Pigeons
Gardening Grammy
Grammys Ride
Grammys Cookies

Graphics Fairy:
Vintage Water Lily Valentine – Art Nouveau
Vintage Monogram Embroidery Pattern
Vintage Rabbit with Horns Image
Public Domain Turtle Image – Silhouette
Pretty Vintage Red Bird Image
Vintage Roses Engraving Image
Vintage Sailboat with Flowers Image

Digital Two for Tuesdays: Digital Two for Tuesday 255

Elizabeth Dulemba has:
Fuzzy Socks Digi Stamp
Ground Hog Day Digi Stamp

Far Far Hill has:
New Freebies Kit of Vintage Painting about Love
Freebies Background Kit - Glory of Spring
New Freebies Kit of Backgrounds - Travel to Summer

Little Scraps of Heaven has a Lucky Frog Mini Kit

Oak Pond Creations has February's Freebie Digi Stamp it's down the page a bit so scroll down.

Raspberry Road Designs has a Dog Lover Freebie

Wings of Whimsy has:
Valentine Sweethearts – Part VII
Valentine Sweethearts – Part VIII
Valentine Sweethearts – Part IX
Valentine Sweethearts – Part X

KennyK has a February Freebie (it's on the right side of the page down pretty far) Cool Kid Digi Stamp

Hi so I'm a little earlier than I have been the past couple of posts... YAY me! lol. so first I edited the Master list in the first post... I added Scraps N Pieces, Clearly Vintage, Free Digi Stamps, Far Far Hill, Antique Images, and Kenny K Downloads to the list. I also tried to arrange the list in order of the day the freebies are posted to try to make it easier to navigate the list since it has gotten very long. smiley

Now for today's freebies... The first one I forgot to post yesterday... so it's got links for the past couple of days...

Antique Images:
Background Image Transfer Sheet Music Printable Background
Digital Printable Label and Pink Rose Flower Frame
Digital Fashion Image Transfer of Victorian Woman's Coat or Fall Paletot
Digital Rose Bouquet Graphic Victorian Flower Hand Whimsy Clip Art
Digital Image Transfer of Bracelet Jewelry Clip Art with Lion Head Design
Digital Woman Clip Art of Beautiful Woman in Blue Portrait
Digital Kitchen Image Transfer of Vintage Silver Syrup Pitcher with Flower Design
Digital Men's Fashion Clip Art of Antique Overcoat and Top Hat

Sweet Shoppe (image is linked)

Today is day five of Ginger Scraps Daily download for February which means today is the last day to get the first download... so if you missed any of the first four days hurry over there the links are still good today!)

Ginger Scraps Day 01
Ginger Scraps Day 02
Ginger Scraps Day 03
Ginger Scraps Day 04
Ginger Scraps Day 05

Far Far Hill:
Kit of Vintage Romantic Women Portraits
Kit of Retro Style Backgrounds
Kit of Retro Illustrations from Magazines

TLC Creations:
Digi Paper Freebie in honor of Kite Flying Day
Digi Paper Freebie in honor of Ballet Day
Thursday Word Art Freebie - Special that's what you are
Freebie Valentine Printable
Ornate B Printable

Ginger's House has A Word Art Freebie (please note one of the words (answer) is spelled wrong... someone commented on it and I am hoping Ginger will fix it and repost so I decided to post the link just in case.)

Digital Two for Tuesdays has two Water digi stamps

Free Dearie Dolls has Grammy Gardening Digi Stamp in black and white and color versions

Graphics Fairy:
Vintage Baroque Ornament Image
Script Fleur de Lis Transfer

Wings of Whimsy:
Valentine Sweethearts – Part X
Valentine Sweethearts – Part XI

I'm not sure if I posted the Wings of Whimsy Valentine Sweethearts – Part X yesterday and my computer won't let me look without losing the post I'm writing so I'm posting it just in case I didn't post it yesterday!

SO I think that is it for today... happy downloading!