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►FREEBIES-Dezines by ♥Nae-PU

I made another Freebie and thought I would share it with anyone that might want to use it. My papers 3 are full size and the rest are 800x800 because it is so hard on my computer. I need to get a new one but until I do I will make 800x800 except for the blog trains. The ones that are 800x800 I have tiled so that should help some. God Bless and have a wonderful night. ♥Nae

Beautiful, Nae! Thank you! And I see you have your own freebies page! Yay!

I do.... smiley I'm so excited. Thank you.♥

Got a Wednesday Frame Freebie for anyone that wants it.♥ I love snow and could not resist making a snowflake frame.... I made one a few years back and lost it when my computer crashed so I thought I would try and make it again.... smiley

Nice Nae! Thank you so much smiley

Very nice, Nae! smiley

Thank ya'll so much!♥ smiley

Oooooo I LOVE this snowflake frame! And it even has the bubble thing in the middle! LOVE that! Thank you!

You are welcome.♥ Yeah and you can lower the opacity because it is not attached to the frame you can use it if you want or not. Before when I made it and used it I lowered the opacity and then added animated snow and I liked it. It looks kinda like a snow globe but if you don't want to use it you don't have too. smiley

Love the snowflake frame and downloaded afternoon delight kit. A big thanks smiley

You are very welcome♥

Got a Frame Pack Freebie for anyone that wants it.♥ I would also like to say thank you to Pixel Scrapper and the designers for the CU embellishments I used to make these.... I am so thankful. smiley

Nae, I LOVE your frames! Thank you so much! I like how your things always have a "richness" to them, in color and style.

Thank you! I did not create the embellishments only made frames with them.... It is Janet Scott and Shelia Reid that deserves the credit....♥ They have so many goodies that I love to work with.... smiley

I would upload them to PS but im not sure really how to do that. I will get brave enough oneday to figure it out. LOL

Got a Freebie for ya'll. Hope you can find something you like....HAPPY NEW YEAR!♥


Totally love the snow frame and the clock in the 2020 kit is amazing!! Thank you!

Thank you I am glad you found something you liked. Now I have to get started on the PS Jan. Blogtrain I have been doing bits and pieces here and there but now is when rubber meets the road.... HA HA smiley ! I Hope you have a Blessed day! ♥Nae

Sorry preview is blurry. I just have them on my blog and you right click and save them to your computer. So I didn't really plan on a preview.... The main clusters are clear.

Thank you Nae!! As a new digital scrapbooker, I really appreciate the freebies.

You are very welcome. You will love the Jan. Blogtrain.❤

Thank you Nae! Your cluster frames are amazing!