February 2020 Freebies Around the Web

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February 2020 Freebies Around the Web

This is the place for all those time-limited freebies; please post a link as you find them so that others can add to their stashes as well!

The Gingerscraps blog has a new daily download called "Still The One"

The downloads are kept up for a few days. You can download day 1 until 10:00am on Friday February 7th, 2020.

New freebie by Snickerdoodle designs - DOWNLOAD

Gingerscraps will have great blogtrain - well, blog/FB hop - starting on February 14. It will be mini kit in their newsletters, creating one mega kit. Free for 2 weeks.
Go through store, each designer has link for their blog and/or newsletter on their first page.
I will add you link with full list when it's official, for now it's only for store:


On the left side is list of designers, then on top next to their picture are all relevant links

Anna Aspnes Designs, has an amazing freebie not sure how long it will be available. You get a MegaPack + Free Class. This MegaPack is huge too.