February Freebies Around the Web

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February Freebies Around the Web

See any good freebies this month? Please share here!

This is great! I've downloaded so many kits from your wonderful site that my scrapbooking software is starting to slow down! I've just discovered the blog trains and now this! Can't wait to get enough community points to start posting some layouts! Keep up the great work!

This is fantastic, thank-you!

Thanks for posting the link

Thanks so much Janece for the lovely kit. I hope your surgery goes well and recovery is quick!

I have a Valentine's Day freebie on my blog Sunshine Inspired Designs. I hope you will like it! and I would love to hear our feedback and opinion.

Thanks for sharing. I love the winter pack. I love the penguins they are so cute!

Mye has this mini up as her Facebook freebie for a few days before she puts it in her shop. Be sure to snag it soon!

Here's a GREAT freebie from Tracy Martin!

Thanks for posting. Picked up the great kits. Yay!

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