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@Sarah... I hear you on the external drive... I'm currently trying to sort my fonts folders... notice the 's' at the end of the word folders... I literally have hundreds of thousands of fonts and a lot of duplicates so I'm slowly running searches in the one folder I put all of my font folders into to find all the versions of a single font and then deleting the duplicates.... which I use Nexus Font to do... also I wanted to recommend Nexus Font to you... you install it and then you can load folders of fonts (use small batches) and then leave Nexus font running with the folder of fonts you want to use chosen and then open Photoshop or word or whatever other program you use fonts in and it will load the fonts you have selected in Nexus fonts as if you've installed them in your computer and the cool thing is you can flip between folders of fonts in Nexus and it'll 'install' the fonts and change what fonts are available... I use it fairly often... I'm a graphic design student so I buy a lot of graphics supplies that use free fonts so I have a fonts used folder in each folder and so I just load the 'fonts used folder' into Nexus when I know I'm going to be working on files in that folder... I found it simply by googling Nexus Font after reading an article about it so you should be able to find it and best of all it's free!!!! YAY! lol.

@ Leisel I have no desire to stop collecting new fonts either... I am a font addict it appears... which by the way, thank you for the new

@everyone else... new font from Deal Jumbo

@Sera - HUNDREDS of thousands of fonts?! smiley You definitely have me beat - I only have thousands! smiley

And one of the reasons why, is that I am working really hard to cut down on all the stuff I have, including digital stuff (which is mighty easy to pile up) so things are going. Two friends recently raved about the KonMari organizing method, on going through everything you own & really, truly getting rid of things, & I've bought the book & am working on letting stuff go (maybe I'll even read the [really short] book one of these days!). It's going much better IRL than digitally, mostly because I seem to be adding stuff digitally faster than I can even organize what I already have. I'm going to have to work on that issue, too, I guess!!

Thanks for the recommendation for NexusFonts. Sadly, it is only for Windows & I'm a Mac girl through & through. Via Google, I see there are some suggestions for alternatives for Mac, but at a quick glimpse, none of them seem to do what you described NexusFonts doing. I haz a sad.

If anyone has a great NexusFonts alternative for Macs, I love to hear about it because I'd sure love to organize them the way you described!

@Sarah... I'm a Graphic Design student when I can afford to pay tuition so I've been collecting fonts for... oh probably since 1996 so 19 years.... so yeah I have Hundreds of Thousands of fonts... I don't actually know how many I have though because as I said many are duplicates... but I'm slowly working on that I can't ever seem to get rid of graphics stuff or any digital stuff really.... I am working on getting rid of stuff in RL though... my apartment is actually livable now... so now I'm slowly working on the storage facility I rent.... but my hard drives just keep getting bigger and bigger to accomodate my growing collection of digi stuff (that includes scrapbooking stuff, music, books, and graphic design stuff (which is different than scrapbooking stuff)...

I'm sad that you can't use Nexus since it ROCKS but if I hear about a comparable program for Macs I'll let you know... I know there's one called Suitcase by Extensis... might work but it's a pay product.... if I hear of a free one I'll let you know.

Okay so I finally decided to go through my emails from Deal Jumbo that had collected over the course of June.... so I have some fonts for y'all... I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter (which you can do by downloading one of their freebies) because they have taken to sending exclusive freebies that only newsletter subscribers get.... anyhow here are some fonts that weren't part of the exclusive downloads.... (images are linked)

I'm also going to post a text effect and an Alpha over in the July Freebies thread in a few minutes so you might want to go check those out too.

@Sera - Yes, I'm very sad, too, that I can't use Nexus. It's odd these days to find programs that don't have a Mac version. I was used to it years ago (prior to the iPhone) when we were a small minority of computer users but this the first PC only program I've run into in years. And it's especially odd to find a graphic & layout program component that isn't Mac friendly since graphic & layout & design people & companies tend to use Macs (both my husband & I work in the field & around here, it's all Macs everywhere). And thanks for being willing to keep an eye/ear out for a free Nexus replacement - we are a household of under-employed folks (thank god the mortgage is paid!!) so free is what I can afford to spend on something like this!

As for font quantity - I definitely *could* have hundreds of thousands of fonts but I've gotten SO much better about grabbing freebies of all kinds ("better", mind you, not great). I've also been collecting them since the mid-late 1990s but a couple of crashes without back up & leaving work places (& their computers) have definitely winnowed my collection. I'm rather proud of myself for NOT having hundreds of thousands - though also tremendously impressed that you do! smiley

Good luck with the organizing - I'm slooooowly trying to get my digi stash in order. If only everyone on the web would take, say, a quarter of the year off from having anything lovely for me to download, I might have a chance. Yes, I realize I speak heresy! smiley

@Sarah - I was thinking heresy as I read and then laughed out loud when I saw you actually wrote

Here's a font from Creative Market... it's only available this week so July 6th through July 12th... they usually change the freebies Monday morning so you have until the end of Sunday to grab this or the other freebies...

if you want to check out the other freebies you can do that here

These are great!
You should try
There are a ton of designer picked fonts to use for private and even commercial use smiley

@Pichi: Fontsquirrel is great I'll have to go see what new fonts have been posted since I last visited...

@Everyone else: Here is another font from Deal Jumbo... (image linked)

Hi. I have some free fonts for y'all from Deal Jumbo (images are linked)...

This first one is actually Vectors not a font file but I figured I'd include it for those of you who know how to/can work with vectors (i.e. have illustrator or some other vector based program)

Now for a free font from Creative Market... it's only free this week so you have until Sunday night (the 26th of July) to download it.

Hi! I've got two free fonts from Deal Jumbo today... (images linked)

Hi! I've got two more from Deal Jumbo... (images are linked)

Hi I've got two freebies from Creative Market... they're only free this week so you have until Sunday night to download them (images linked)

This next one is actually Drop Caps not a font but I thought I'd include it for those of you who can use vectors...

Here's a freebie from Deal jumbo... they're planning to do site maintenance this weekend so if the link doesn't work try back later... (image is linked)

here's a bundle of fonts from Deal Jumbo... image is linked

Also the hungry Jpeg has a ton of free fonts which you can find here

Here are some fonts from Hungry Jpeg.... they have a few fonts we've posted before but were only available for a limited time so the old links are no good now so I'm including the new links in this list... images are linked




here's one of the ones that was available earlier for a limited time so if you missed it the first time here it is again...





here's another one that was available earlier for a limited time...







This one is good for CU







That's all for tonight

Here is a free font from Creative Market, but hurry to grab it since it's only available until Sunday, November 08, 2015 at 11:59 PM


and a couple from Pixel Buddha



I found both of these fun and festive links getting ready for the up coming holidays. I will say that I've not really had time to jump in to many of them, but the sure do look fun! &

here are some free fonts from Deal Jumbo (images are linked)


I posted this in the December Freebies around the Web thread but don't want anyone to miss it so I'm posting it here too...

Deal Jumbo has a huge freebie collection that's available until the 6th of January... (image is linked)

With this deal you get:
Custom Fonts (9 font bundles!)
Beautiful Graphics & Templates (10 bundles + extra in some fonts )
Extended License!

Deal Jumbo has some more free fonts available... (images are linked)

The second one even has Cyrillic.

here's another one form DealJumbo.... (Image is linked)

Creative Market has a free Font Bundle that is only available this week (ends at end of the day on Sunday January, 10, 2016)

(Image is linked)

Sure wish I could open glyphs, these look really cute!

Thanks for the link Arlene.... stinks though that you can't access glyph's... do you have Word (or probably any word processing program) because you could access them in there and then possibly copy and paste them into your graphics program... if you want to know how to find them in Word let me know and I'll explain in detail.

Deal Jumbo has another free font available... (image is linked)

Creative Market has a free font that is only free for about one more day and five hours so hurry over there if you want it... (images are linked)

also Deal Jumbo has a few fonts available...

Deal Jumbo has another free font... (image is linked)

just found another free font...

Love the chalkboard font! Great find Sera. Thank you!

Love that Sweet Pea font. Thank you for the link!