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Hi all, this is my first post to what looks like a lovely community. I've been wanting to share my freebies with a creative bunch and this one is not only to do with fonts but also illustrations and crafts! Please let me know if there is a good place for a 2nd post to do with these subjects. I hope you like this freebie site as they give away free stuff every day so be quick. I might post a preview of the font here so you don't need to click through, here is the link, enjoy. Creative Fabrica Freebies

I am using windows 10 basic and i just want to know, can i download fonts from your given source for my windows 10 basic?

This is my favourite site for free font or take a look at my fonts i made here... sorry i just have to show off sometimes

Hey, thanks, Ben! Downloaded scribble serif. Love it!

Thank Ben. I downloaded several of your fonts.

Thank you!!!

This is not a free font, but free software. Just in case there are people out there struggling with their font collection - NexusFont for PC is a free font manager that has really helped me find what I need in my collection without searching for too long!

.TFF would be your preference, most sites will give you the option of both TFF and OFT types of font files. Be sure not download a demo or limited font. This CAN happen on sites such as DaFont, ect.

Not posted for a long time but here is another site that will give you some nice free fonts.

I believe I have the bragging rights to say I am 24th most popular font foundry on this site!

I regularly check Fontbundles because they have cute free fonts

Did you know hundreds and hundreds of additional fonts are available to you, CU included, at no extra cost as part of your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription?

Creative Cloud Desktop -> All Apps -> Manage Fonts

It also allows you to manage your pre-existing fonts here as well. (I haven't tried yet).
While having the subscription for years, I just stumbled upon it today.
My appologies if it has already been posted.

Ilonka's designs has free template on blog.