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Hi all, this is my first post to what looks like a lovely community. I've been wanting to share my freebies with a creative bunch and this one is not only to do with fonts but also illustrations and crafts! Please let me know if there is a good place for a 2nd post to do with these subjects. I hope you like this freebie site as they give away free stuff every day so be quick. I might post a preview of the font here so you don't need to click through, here is the link, enjoy. Creative Fabrica Freebies

I am using windows 10 basic and i just want to know, can i download fonts from your given source for my windows 10 basic?

This is my favourite site for free font or take a look at my fonts i made here... sorry i just have to show off sometimes

Hey, thanks, Ben! Downloaded scribble serif. Love it!

Thank Ben. I downloaded several of your fonts.

Thank you!!!