Freebie Forum Guidelines: read before posting!

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Freebie Forum Guidelines: read before posting!

Welcome to the Pixel Scrapper forums: we're glad to have you here!

The Freebies forum is a place for Pixel Scrapper community members to share freebies that they create. To keep the emphasis on community, and prevent spam, posting new topics in this forum is limited to people who have:

  1. Applied and been accepted for gallery access.
  2. Earned at least 100 community points by interacting on the site (learn more about community points here).

Guidelines for posting:

To avoid a lot of craziness, and excessive threads, everyone posting in this forum should limit themselves to one thread for all their freebies, that is titled like this: FREEBIES CU: Your Name or FREEBIES PU: Your Name (depending on your TOU)

When you want to share another freebie, just update your original thread and/or add a new comment to it.

FORUM MODERATORS may start additional freebie threads based around specific themes, etc., as they see fit.

Thanks everyone for sharing!

Edit: If you have a thread here in the freebies section it would be really helpful if you edited the title to reflect your TOU:

FREEBIES CU: Designer Name or
FREEBIES PU: Designer Name

Everyone would really appreciate this! Also, don't forget to include your TOU in the download files. This helps your creations be used as best they can be. Feel free to use or modify the Pixel Scrapper terms if you don't have any.

Have lots of freebies to share? Consider sharing them in the Commons!

If you have lots of content that you would like to share with our community, and are interested in a more organized way to share things while getting consistent feedback as a designer, consider joining us in the Pixel Scrapper Commons: a special area where community members of all levels can upload and share designs they create, while getting feedback and progressing as designers. Learn more about the Commons.

thank you for setting up this forum and giving so many an opportunity to share their work! your generosity and thoughtfulness continues to grow smiley

What a great idea! Thank you!

Each day you continue to amaze me! So thankful for all that this site is doing!

How cool..thanks Marisa & Jordan!!

Thanks for this! It will really help, both in finding freebies and in being able to see other non-freebie threads in the original forum.

Great idea guys. I like how you have decided to organize it as well. Should be so much less confusing that way.

Thank you so much! I can't wait till I can start my own thread and share with you gals. Thanks for letting me be a member!

Fantastic idea, thank you all for sharing your wonderful creations, I can not wait to start sharing to.

Great! Thank you very much Marisa and Jordan! smiley

What a great place to share with each other!!
Thanks for providing such great resources Marisa.

Thank you for sharing your talents!

Thank you for a place to post them!!

Thank you, so i will wait a while for sharing freebies smiley

OK, how do you edit the title?

Just click on the "edit" button on the starting comment of the thread:

Thanks Marisa!

I like the rules and such on this forum, thanks

Looking forward to being able to participate more. The layouts here are beautiful, but because I do a book for the entire year, mine are less, well, maybe just less! Hopefully others will like my pages as much as I like the ones on here! I am still trying to figure things out, so bear with me please! I am better at editing something than I am finding an image URL!

Thanks for this guidelines, it is very helpful! I can't wait to share my creations with everybody.

another awesome part about this site! i hate looking though 100 posts from the same person when i want t see another style!

Thanks Marissa! I will start making freebies for this forum, using your great stuff!

Thanks Marisa!

OK, really dumb question here, I asked once before and can't find where...
How do you Update your original thread when you add a new freebie so it says UPDATED?
I have been just adding a new comment, but that doesn't show that you have added a new freebie.
Thanks so much!

This is so great. I have a few templates I would love to share... I don't have much to give but I can still give a little back. smiley

Betsy... sorry I din't find your question sooner.... I believe if you edit the original post it will add the word updated beside the thread title in the thread list.... so add the freebie to the original post or leave a note in the original post that you have added a freebie towards the bottom of the thread and the word update should appear... hopefully my explanation is clear.... if you have any questions let me know I promise not to skip this thread when checking for new posts from now on... lol.


I have a question, I already have my freebies thread (Geeky Shy Mama) and my question is kind of a long one: I am planning on opening a second scrapbook website with vintage/heritage kits and resources, the website will be mostly written in Portuguese, but I would love to share those creations here on PixelScrapper as they will have universal appeal and could be used for any language and a few varied, going to question per se: can I open another thread of Freebies for my second website (which will obviously have a different name) or should I keep using the Geeky Shy Mama one? Or should I just rename my thread as Daniela Moraes Freebies and post the freebies from both websites on the same thread? Please let me know, I don't want to mess up the awesome organization of our forums smiley

Thank you and cheers!

Daniela.... just wanted to apologize for not seeing this post until now... I just asked Marisa for her opinion and when she gets back to me I'll let you know what we decided.

Okay so I consulted with Marisa and having a second thread if you design under two names is perfectly fine so Daniela you can keep your Geeky Shy Mama thread named 'Geeky Shy Mama' and then make another thread named whatever you decide to use for the Vintage/heritage stuff.... I look forward to seeing what you do with the Vintage stuff.

@Sera: so sorry for a late reply, thank you so much for taking the time to solve my question, I will create the second thread then when my freebies are ready, I hope my heritage/vintage creations can be useful to all the wonderful members, cheers!

@Daniela... no problem I keep forgetting to look at this thread when I come to the Freebies Section... I look forward to seeing your heritage/vintage stuff as I'm really into that sort of thing right now.