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Here is a layout I did using my Great White North kit


Thanks for the fall and Great White North kit. They are so cute!

Extras to the My Messy Desk Kit

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Happy Canadian Thanksgvng... loved the new kits... my favourite autumn thang...crunchy leaves when walking! With all your leaves Karry..must have a wonderful compost pile! Wish I could get some here in my dry desert!
Oh and TYVM for the desk add on!

Well, it's Breast Cancer Awareness right now and my very best friend since kindergarten is a Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor. The DAY AFTER her last chemo and radiation appointment she completed a 3 day/60 mile walk in Seattle (2009). She was such an inspiration that when all the participants entered the stadium at the end of the walk, they had her go in first. She is SO AMAZING. She had 3 children all under the age of 7 at the time. She is healthy and cancer free now and was my Maid of Honor at my wedding (2011).

This charity and the March of Dimes are very dear to my heart.

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YEA HALLOWEEN!! My favorite holiday. This is just a little kit to enhance all those spooky scary layouts. It's a little "dark" but Halloween always makes me think of Edgar Allen Poe and the Pit and the Pendulum. I LOVE all the dark creepy stuff.

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Very pretty wedding photo, Karry!

Karry, you are amazing! Your designs are always so well done, and you have such unique themes - very 'left of centre'. There's nobody quite like you anywhere that I've seen. You are definitely one of my very favourite designers, and even though you could sell your creations quite easily, you still choose to give them away. Unbelievable generosity! You deserve a gold medal!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

your details are really great!

fab wordart thank you, santa & rudolph my favourite xx

Cute Dungeon kit. My family and I don't do Halloween, but I'm thinking a trip to Medieval Times Dinner Theater would be in order for this layout smiley

I have started working on my December Daily project and I was just put in the Christmas mood. I love all the natural colors of Christmas. I don't get so much into glittery and sparkly. I prefer the natural things like pine boughs, twigs with berries on them, ivy, and pine cones.

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I have to say, I can't believe how many little kits I did this month..8!! Wow...very creative month. I'm so happy and thankful for all the lovely compliments I have received from everyone and especially those that have taken the time to send me personal messages. I have been doing this for one year now so I really am sort of still a newbie. I have learned so much as well as made a few mistakes along the way but I really love it and it has completely taken over all my other creative hobbies. The biggest plus I have found to digital scrapbooking is I no longer just leave my photos in a folder on my computer, I'm actually doing something with them and preserving those memories to look back on. My style of scrapbooking is more as a photo album and not an artistic outlet. I don't think I've quite reached that level. So thanks again and as long as people like my work I'll keep spinning stuff out as I'm continually inspired by my son, others, and the world around me.

Beautiful Christmas kit, Thanks!

Wow! Beautiful Christmas kit! I love the traditional colors and theme. Thank you very much!

There is an element I forgot to include in my An Old Fashion Christmas kit so here it is.


I love your kits Karry! Thank you so much! Kisses from the Netherlands. smiley

Thats a very nice kit Karry, love the dark green and red smiley Thank you!

Hi Poodle~

I felt I needed to reply to your post so that a known, talented designer isn't mistaken for someone that
pirates others work. But I DO so appreciate you looking out for our Karry, who is also very talented and
makes amazing kits she shares with all who want them. (Thank You Karry)

I also don't want Karry feeling badly thinking someone is ripping off her work. smiley

I belong to a CU Clipart Club and there is also another designer who makes CU template sets that cover about
everything in life that there is...LOL! She has a HUGE amount of designers that purchase her amazing CU template
sets that she makes weekly so they can use them for their store kits. And yes, at least one of hers sets is PBJ!

The club I belong to as part of the sets available in May of this year, was a set of peanut butter and jelly clipart.
The elements template designer also made some cute sets covering the same topic. That is how the other designers
in stores got the sets they used in their store kits. The colors in them are like the ones used in your image, mostly
because peanut butter is in one or two shades of brown and same thing with things like grape jelly.

I've had my set of clipart since May and with all the things going on in my life, haven't had time to make a kit with
them yet. I have a list of kit themes I've been working on first. But I will get to them eventually....LOL!

Thanks again Karry for all your beautiful kits you share with us. ~Hugs~

Thank you for ALL of your kits ! You're so generous ! Merci beaucoup !

I just found this thread & am thrilled! Karry - thank you so very much! I downloaded more than a couple and will be sure to post when I start actually using things (I'm still in hoard mode LOL). I'm especially excited about the steampunk kit. I love steampunk but haven't yet come across anything I like (I haven't been searching either). I LOVE yours, so many thanks!

Kathie-Thanks for the explanation. I do have to say that i wasn't fussed about anything. I like designing stuff because I think its fun. If anyone ever DID want to get inspiration from anything I've done...I'm flattered. I don't sell anything so no one is taking money out of my pocket and if they need to make money, that's fine...I don't. I know there are plenty out there that like my work and I feel blessed and honored for that and they always know that they can get a nice "freebie" from me. Its just fun. I have had some private messages from people that say they have seen my kits on pirate sites but no one ever tells me what these sites are and I have no CLUE what they are but to be perfectly honest I don't really care because like I said, I don't sell anything. If someone takes one of my kits and tries to pass it off as their own then I would probably say something but I haven't experienced that at all.

smiley Karry
Once again thank you for allowing us to use your kits. Christmas one is great.

Oh Karry....I knew you weren't fussing over it. smiley

I felt I need to explain the resemblance in the kits and color palettes for 2 reasons.

I didn't want you feeling bad over it if you were and the other is because the image of
the other kit had the designer's name on it and she isn't one to rip off or pirate others
work. I thought it would help everyone to know that many similar things come out around
the same time, but are rarely copied or duplicated by designers. It's usually those darn pirate
sites and they don't bother to even make their own kits. They take ours and quite often cover up
the designers names with their own site name.

I've found a whole lot of things made by all of us here...from what's available from the Pixel Scrapper kits,
almost all of our blog train kits and some go so far as to buy on sale kits from designers stores and even put
those up on their sites.

The only time it really, really bothered me was when they pirated blog train kits many of us did for a store that
wanted to honor ALL military people, no matter what Country they were in. The train was called 'Respect and Honor'
and they had almost all of them up for grabs on their sites. That one got to me. Who the heck can live with themselves
when they pirate something called Respect and Honor? smiley

What I thought was beautiful about that train, is that they let all of us know we could join that train, even if we don't
have a store in theirs...which I don't. But I joined that train in a split second because it meant so much to me. Most of
my family has served this Country in one branch or another and I thought that was awesome that they let anyone in the
world join in on it. smiley

Other than that one, I just ignore them and continue on with what I'm doing. They are always going to be out there doing
things they know they shouldn't. But I'm not about to let them control what I do and make because their choice is a bad
one. Most of us are honest, hard working people and love what we do and how happy others are to have and enjoy what
we make. For me, That is what matters. smiley

Thanks again Karry for all you make and share with everyone.

Your kits are so beautiful and definitely make people happy! smiley

Here is my new kit "Clan Mackenzie". I completed this kit as a request from a fellow scrapper and that would explain the specificity to a particular Scottish Clan. I still included many elements pertaining to Scotland and I think it's sort of a fun kit. I hope you all enjoy.

Wordart Dropbox Download

Tartans Dropbox Download

Solid Papers Dropbox Download

Pattern Papers 2 Dropbox Download

Pattern Papers 1 Dropbox Download

Elements Dropbox Download

Thank you so so so so so so much Karry! I am so grateful for this!!

Karry .... you did a beautiful job on those tartans .... wow smiley

Amy-I'm glad you like it. I was nervous because you never know peoples tastes. I hope your book comes out great!

Love the Scottish theme! Thanks for sharing!

Wow, Karry - you did an awesome job on your new kit! You do know you'll probably get more clan requests now... LOL (hint, hint - Stewart/Stuart smiley )