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Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them. Mr. Darcy huh...must be a VERY beautiful and PROUD horse haha. Pride and Prejudice is my very favorite book!! I love it.

I recently got a notice from DropBox that they have temporarily suspended my public links due to excessive traffic. I'm trying to find out how to have the suspension removed. I had NO IDEA my work would be so popular. At this time I have no intentions of taking anything down so I guess just check back if you are looking for something specific. In the meantime I will try and figure out some other options for those that have emaled me about specific kits to see if I can get them out. Thanks smiley Karry

Here is a new freebie that I just completed for the April 24 Designer Challenge. Hope you all like it smiley

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Hi, I've only been here 3 days but I wanted to thank you sooo much for these beautiful kits. The Steampunk kit is FANTASTIC...I cant believe that you are "giving "that away!! smiley Thank you so much for making these kits available for all of us. Your time and talents will be making my pages look amazing. I too have been having trouble with Dropbox and I will be checking in daily. Love this site; glad I found you guys!!!

Thank you SO MUCH everyone for all the compliments. I think all the links are fixed and Dropbox is working again. All my kits were posted on a freebie blog and I must have just got inundated with downloads. Seems to be working now though. I tested everything. Please let me know if there are any issues. smiley

I just opened the Lets go fly a Kite and Lemonade Stand and what AMAZINGNESS! The textures in the papers and adorable elements are wonderful. Thank you sooooo much for reloading these links, I would have hated to miss all this goodness! I am inspired!

Love the pastel colours. Thanks!

The "Lets bowl" kit looks gorgeous! Love the retro stickers! Too bad that the links are expired, I would have loved to have this!

Love your work! Just so amazing!

Absolutely love your style! Pictures from the summer are about to get a whole lot prettier! Thank you for sharing smiley

I'm SO happy that the link for "Lets bowl" is fixed. SUCH a fun kit. THANKS!!!!!

This kit is for a designer challange we are having where you roll 2 dice to determine the number of papers and elements you create. I rolled a 7 and a 10. I was just at my grandmothers this last weekend and she has all this Wedgwood blue china and I always think of her when I see it. That was my inspiration.

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Karry, I love your designs and I finally had a chance to use one of your kits in my page. I used your steampunk kit in my Royston Wrecks project life layout. Here is the link to check it out.

Ania - I just had a chance to look at your layout. It's super cute...and I love the photographs too. Looks like a neat place, would love to see it. You are the first person I have seen use my Steampunk Kit. Thanks for leaving me the link.

Raindrop Designer Challenge

Here is a kit I completed for a designer challenge here at pixelscrapper where we had to incorporate raindrops into your design. My little boy is learning Itsy Bitsy Spider so that was the inspiration for this design. Hop you like.

(there is a spelling error in the poem in my preview but the element in the kit is corrected.)

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Love your work. Thanks for the kits

@Karry, this mini kit is so cute. I love the smiling spider.

Royston Wrecks are definitely something different and fun to see. I hope to have more pictures to use with your kit in the future. It is a great kit.

So I was watching American Graffiti last night and it reminded me of when we used to go to the Dusk Til Dawn movies in High School. Now I graduated in '87 so American Graffiti was a little before my time but the movies were just as fun. That was the inspiration for this kit. Have a fun night at the movies!!

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@Karry, I don't want to repeat myself but this kit is also awesome! Thank you.

That drive-in kit is cute, Karry! I'll have to tell my son about your steampunk kit (after seeing your post) - he told me recently that he's into the whole steampunk thing (news to me!). If he's interested, I'll refer him to your site. smiley

Thank you so much Ania and Lizanne. I had fun making it. Hopefully people will get use out of it. I don't think there are many drive-in movie theaters anymore unfortunately. I have fond memories of them when I was a kid and being thrown in the back of the car with my brother, in my PJ's with blankets and a pillow while my parents watched some movie I had absolutely no interest in. Haha

It is almost May and May is a big month for the March of Dimes and their fundraising by holding the March of Dimes March for Babies all over the country. This charity is very near and dear to my heart because I lost a baby boy after 3 months in the NICU due to being born premature. My little boys name was Declan and he was born at 27 weeks on April 23, 2010 and passed away on his original due date of July 24, 2010. I am offering this free kit in hopes to bring awareness to the March for Babies and the March of Dimes. I also offer it to scrap those special moments those of us have who do March and have experienced loss personally. I offer this kit free but I would love it if you could donate at least $1 to help support the March of Dimes in hopes of providing awareness and preventing babies being born too soon. Nearly half a million babies are born too soon each year.

If you would like to learn more you can visit the March of Dimes website and if you would like to make a donation you can do that here.

Dropbox: Download

You're right - there aren't too many anymore. Quite sad, too. I loved going to drive-ins as a kid & even now... More comfortable, more affordable, you can bring your own snacks & you get to see it on a big screen. smiley When I was a kid I'd watch the first movie, but usually fall asleep right after the 2nd movie started. And, yeah, I remember going in my pj's. smiley

We found a drive-in a few years ago that's not too far from us - about 45 minutes away. They're usually open May thru Labor Day. We like to go there if they have good movies showing (my kids love it, too). The downside - this particular place is located on a stream & they get a ton of mosquitoes. Bug spray doesn't work much, so we close up all the windows & turn on the a/c when the car fogs up too much from the humidity. It's a shame, too - they have grassy parts that are ideal for a picnic blanket. The past year they've been trying to raise funds to purchase a digital projector (harder to get film reels maybe?). I have no idea how far along they are in that endeavor.

Thank you sooooooooo much for all these kits ! Each one is absolutely faboulus ! You're great great designer !

Nathalie-thank you for the compliment. I'm just a beginner but I love creating and I'm trying to improve my skills and get better. The fact that there are some that like my work makes me want to do more and more.

Karry, I look forward to seeing all your new designs!! Love them all! Thanks again! Carol

Hi Karry... I graduated HS in 1969... so I have fond memories of family Drive In nights.. kids got to sit on the roof of the car or on the hood. It was magical.. so sad it's a thing of the past! Thnx for the wonderful kit!

I have another freebie here from another Digital Challenge we did. Hope you like it.

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@Karry, this is beautiful. I love the color! Thank you for sharing.

Karry, I finally figured out how to download this kit, it is SO cute! thank you for your help, I cant wait to use it!