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Here is my contribution to the August blog train. I'm posting it early because I wont be around the internet to do it during August.

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Hello Karry! I am new around here and this thread is the first one I started browsing. And whoa! You are so creative!! I loved all your kits especially - bowling, because I said so, play in castle and want to play a game. I wonder how you designed the exact kits I've been looking for! I am a new mom and these make me wanna start designing right away!

Thanks so much for your generosity! What would we do without talented people like you!

absolutely lovely! smiley

That zen garden kit is beautiful, karry...

Lizanne-thank you! I think I was searching for my inner "chi" when I made it smiley

Thanks- nice kit- anything with the sea and I am there!

Regarding come play in my castle-Very Cute - I don't have children but I think this should work with traveling to Europe.

Gorgeous Steampunk- This will keep me busy for hours!

Okay I am spending the whole day downloading your kits- They are all amazing. I will be busy tagging for days.
Unfortunately I am having trouble downloading a few of them pontoon one, the vodka second part and the castle- but I will keep trying.

Again thanks so much!!! smiley

What a cheerful garden with a marvelous crop of colorful flowers! Thanks for sharing.

All the files are there and seem to be working fine. I use Google Chrome. Let me know if you keep having problems. I'm glad you like my kits smiley

I got them all but the second part of the vodka one-- I will try that one again later. Thanks again-Great stuff!

How many of us mothers have seen our little ones decide to try on our shoes? Today Killian was walking around in Randys Shoes. It was so cute, he looked like a little clown. That was the inspiration for this kit.

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This is perfect, my husband is active duty Air Force and this kit will be perfect for his pages. Thank you!!

For those of you that love my Steampunk kit I came across some alphas that compliment my kit perfectly if you are interested in another alpha besides the layered one i created. I found them over at HG Designs. They are basically the exact colors of my kit. Mixed Metal. Here is a preview and link to the blog where you can find them. There are all sorts of freebies there as well as the ability to purchase a commercial license if you wish. Brilliant stuff over there. Just wanted to give them a "Shout Out".

HG Designs Mixed Metal Alphas

oh my goodness, Karry, all of these kits are so awesome, I especially love the Little Rascals kit!! Thank you so much for sharing

well, I feel comment above was after downloading the kits on page 1, I didn't realize there are so many thank you, thank you, thank you for all of these amazing kits!!!

Karry, I love your kits, they are fabulous! Can't even come up with a favorite - I really like Bowling, Little Rascals, Little Red Wagon, Route 66, Because I Said So smiley, Yardwork Time, Want To Play A Game, and now your latest - Daddy's Shoes! Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us!

I have no idea what made me think of doing this theme. Maybe reminiscing about the time I spent living in Scottsdale, AZ. Everywhere you could find Navajo blankets and Kachina dolls. I must be craving a little bit of the Southwest right now.

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This is my portion of the Pass the Kit challenge we had:

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Karry ~thank you so much for your beautiful kits ~

Thank you, I love the colors

I need to say this....I love your job congratulations

Oh Kerry! THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! I do not know if you have any idea how hard it is to find Native American themed kits that are not all cartooning like. THANK YOU so much!

Thank you again for all your beautiful kits!

wow~ thank you for so many kits
would love to creat one some day

I absolutely love the "Love is in the air" kit! Thank you so much!

I love it!

You are such a talented, generous lady smiley
Thank you so much for all the wonderful kits that you have here to share smiley

Here is a kit I just completed for a Designer Challenge. Its getting to be the end of Summer (can you believe it!!) and the kids are heading off to school. Labor Day weekend is usually the last hurrah for the summer and the last big party or vacation. Hope everyone has a safe, happy, fun and memorable Labor Day!

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