PU & CU Freebies from Gina

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PU & CU Freebies from Gina

This kit is from a Pixel Scrapper forum challenge Everyday Life: Work.

One aspect of my job is to film and edit (church announcements) so my kit kit is called Lights, Camera, Action. I uploaded it to my blog if you'd like to snag it.


Thank you, Gina! I love it! Wow, what a huge kit!

You are very welcomed. I hope you enjoy it.

Your kit is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it smiley

Thank you Daniela. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you, Gina!

You are welcomed Chitra. I hope you enjoy it.

This is great hun, job well done..

Thank you. This is great!

I'm happy to see it being downloaded. smiley

Really cute, thank you smiley

Excellent kit Gina. TYSM !!!!

Great kit - thank you so much!

Thank you ladies. I'm glad y'all are getting some use out of it.

Love this! x

2 of my 3 kids were in school plays, so this kit should be fun to use w/those old pics, thanks smiley

Thanks for the reminder. Two of my grandkids are in plays this weekend. I can scrap pics of them with this kit.

Thanks so much for this wonderful kit!!

This pack of 30 PU/CU frames is available on my blog.

thank you so much for sharing your kit

Great kit. Thank you for sharing!

thank you Gina, you make wonderful kits.

Thank you so much for the frames, i've been searching for some good frames

Wow!! these are incredible!!!!

Massive Bundle! Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful kit

Thank you!!!

in the commons

So pretty! Thank you!

Hi Gina,
I have so many of your kits in my wishlist because I like your designs very much. I noticed you said y'all, and that made me feel right at home:)