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FREEBIES PU: Sara Elizabeth Designs

okay this is my 1st freebie! i am super excited to be able to share it. I have 3 other sets, more on the way! smiley The colors you see in the preview are randomly picked by me. The other sets have other colors like reds and greens and browns. Scrap ribbon flowers? Yeah well they kinda look like flowers to me! lol

I created then from a Action in PSE10, I saved them as a .PNG file so they will be transparent when you upload them into photoshop or whatever you use therefore they can be re-sized for whatever project you got going and drop shadow can be added if one is not already added smiley I been doing 3 at a time for each set, some may have extra bow added or a texture,either way i been trying to mix it up when i make them so there is variety! If there is a problem with the link or download let me know, THEY are in a .ZIP file, you shouldn't have a problem! But do let me know cause this is my 1st freebie and i am just learning! Other than that have fun with this 1st set and i will post the other set soon!


Scrap Ribbon Flowers Set 1

This is what you get in the set,they are a bit bigger than this smiley:

**link has expired!!**

the other sets are below!


smiley Easy way to fine my freebies:Post #52 ( Color Palettes, new), Post #54

brownie points for One Direction! smiley

Set 2

What you get:

Set 3:

What you get:

Set 4:

What you get:

Remember, they are .PNG format in .ZIP file, no limit to how many times you can download. There is more colors coming. AND! they are not really this small either!


**link has expired!!**

hi so cute thank u so much. smiley

Very nice, Thank you!


thank you! enjoy everyone!! I got more sets coming!

i just been randomly making the sets, so they might or might not have a texture! and they might or might not have a extra bow added! smiley

Set 5

What you get:

**link has expired!!**

.PNG format in .ZIP file, no limit to how many times you can download.

okay! with 4th of july around the corner, i will try very hard tonight or this week to get out a special 4th of july bow set. smiley


Link expired!

Link expired!

Wow Sara! You're doing a great job with all these bows. smiley I'll have to give that action a test drive.

Thanks Cat! I have like some sets pre-done btw, more on the way! The extra looped bow i added that myself from another action smiley

Link expired!

Awesome job on the bows. They are all so lovely.

Thank you! THAnk you!! i got more things coming like some Origami Butterflies and more bow sets

I said I had a new set coming! And by darn it I meant it!

“Summertime Stripes” set includes what you see!

(..and thanks to the ladies here I haven have a new preview page thanks to Marisa!}

Link has expired!! Thanks for downloading

When I click on the link it goes to a page that wants me to sign up for mediafire??

hi it did me the same way. smiley

uh oh.. okay ...hold on i will fix that..

Sorry everyone! i am new at this linking stuff it will be back later to download, i promise!

It is fixed!

Looking good!

k.I got some more bows and things.. but i been busy making color palettes, but i will post some new stuff SOON!!!! i swear!!

In fact i have a new freebie in summer-ish colors ready to go...

Link has expired!! Thanks for downloading

BTW i have all my color palettes loaded into my Pinterest account. so far i have 90 some palettes. So if anyone needs inspiration for a theme or something or paper color inspiration, here is the link to see my palettes color palettes by me!

Both of these are simply gorgeous. thank You so much

thanks everyone!!

BTW, not to disappoint or detour anyone, but if you want to use my freebies for your Digi scrap printing projects,well i don't see why you can't but i cannot check for gamut in my Photoshop, however i can optimize it so that the colors i use are only those that a printer will recognize,which i have my PSE10 set for. Otherwise they are totally usable for projects that aren't printed also!! I use mine to make greeting cards on Zazzle

I hope this doesn't sour anyone's wanting to use my freebies. smiley

AND!!!! The next freebie i have coming i used my own color palettes that i have made in colourlovers. This new freebie should be out TODAY!!

New For Today!!

"Ocean Breeze"

Link has expired!! Thanks for downloading

ih yeah! yes my freebies now come with extra bow and ribbon. why? just because!

ANOTHER Freebie for today! smiley smiley


ZIP file just like all my files..

Link-->"Antonella" Zip File

Hey, liked that white bow!